Shanann Watts Tarot Reading

Done with all respect for her, the children, and her friends and family.


This is what intuitively came to me through channeled messages and use of divination through prayer entry with God. I don’t know the accuracy of the messages, but I feel inclined to share.

“i want everyone to know i wasn’t happy but i did what i could. i was trying.
crying. why would you do this to me or our kids
really we hope they all learn a lesson about what family really means and what people try to make it seem. what marriage really is and what it just seemed like. i never thought he would do something like this. things have been bad but never this bad. the man who saved me and protected us turning on us is not what i imagined us doing together with our life and future.
why was she in our house. why couldnt you just keep her out. why couldnt you just leave if you were not happy. why couldnt you just be honest with me once. i knew something was wrong and i waitied too late. tell nicole that she will always be my best friend and my hero. i know she did her best and im proud of her for standing up to chris for us. im glad to all who knew i was not that wife and not that mother. look up more symbolism of the names and number and how he hurt us and buried us. these are clues to a bigger organization that conspired this and started it all. also thrive has no benefits and if i had been more concerned about working honestly instead of just making sales then maybe i would’ve not missed the signs that were warning me to stop and evaluate things in my relationship with him. I was just trying to get money incase he dipped on us cause I just knew something was wrong.

Don’t let anyone, even the person you love, stifle or smother your wants and needs of living a happily fulfilled life. If something tells you something is really wrong, do not ignore it. it was the death of me and my children. If someone is being distant with you and rejecting you, especially in bed, they are hiding something from you and it can be dentrimental. Make sure also your self worth is not lacking. It prevents you from falling for the wrong people and prevents them from being able to pull one over on you. Also if you are insecure or feel you don’t deserve something you will put off that energy and attract what you don’t want to you. Practice being unaffected by the negative energy around you. Your soul approves of you at all times, even if your human body doesn’t. Things can’t run smoothly or easier if you are doing them seperate of someone else in a partnership. Two heads are better than one. Road in a relationship means people meet half way. Not one always going to the other. Don’t let yourself get so down that others can easily take advantage of you. Some things are not meant to be held onto. Don’t trust people who don’t open up to you. ” – from who I believe to be Shanann herself.

Channeled Information:

Shanann was too confident and happy to lower herself to what Chris wanted from her. He was too immature to let her go and cheated with someone who was willing to do the things Shanann would not. Chris was anxious all the time and felt less of a man because she would not submit to him and his desires. He wanted her to abort or miscarry and get a divorce, but knew that she wouldn’t do it at the point he made the decision in his mind and he was worried about child support and alimony. Chris only acted as if Nickole had what he wanted in a relationship, the truth was he never wanted one and the same thing or something similiar would’ve happened to her when he was bored of her too. He has no remorse and no will to change his ways. It turns out his plan wasn’t as good as he thought. He let her go to North Carolina under the presumption that they would work it out in the end, but he was already celebrating and starting his new life without her, even spending money on someone else and taking money away from her and the children. He acted fine and content with his life but no one could have known how much of a manipulator he was. He seemed happy in his life and he did things when Shanann would get all up in her feelings and thought his storming out or anger would be justified because of her behavior. Then he would go cheat and she would not be able to say anything because they fought so that’s why he must have left the house. When Chris said he wanted a divorce, she said she would be moving and if he didn’t give her everything she wanted he couldn’t talk to them or see them. He thought he was in the right to take power into his own hands with the execution of the ending. She didn’t want to fight, she just wanted to go to sleep. She didn’t really want to divorce, she wanted things to slow down so they could figure it out. He didn’t want the drama, he wanted to just make himself happy. The truth was it was everything he wanted but he couldn’t get a grip on his feelings with Shanann. He felt he was not good enough of a man for her and his kids, a loser, a deviant controlling tyrant. He wanted to be fair, but lust got in the way and then when Nickole spoke of the success they would have once they were together enamored him. Being emotionally immature was his downfall, as Nickole was an even bigger manipulator than he was. He was burdened between having to hurt the family or lose Nickole. He didn’t want to make the decision so soon. Nickole got in his head about how Shanann is just trying to keep him stuck in life and will never truly fulfill him or give him what he wants long term. She made him choose between a happy new beginning with her or a long miserable marriage without her on the side. He was anxious over the issue. He was not happy with how insecure Nickole was acting by putting him in this position, but he really liked the things she did for him in bed and was not willing to give it up. He wished that he said it sooner that he lost feelings for Shanann before it got to this point but now that the threat was on the table he couldn’t be strong enough to face Shanann and deal with the financial sacrifices it would take to make it all work out the right way. He never saw himself able to get out of the debt they already were in, so it didn’t matter anyways to him at that point.

You can’t give someone else the power over how you see yourself, feel yourself, or your prosperity, peace, and abundance. If you are not in control of your emotions and things don’t seem fair, ask yourself is this too much of a burden on you? Are your feelings and efforts being reciprocated? Are you happy and feel like you’re winning in life, or do you feel like it’s a failure and a drain? Ask God to deliver you from this energy and to make things how they ought to be. Be happy on your own, don’t be codependent on someone else and expect them to be your rock and savior. You will be disappointed. Do what makes you happy, if that doesn’t make someone else happy tell them they need to come correct or you need to move on. If you pull back and see that you feel better off without them, then you know that it’s not right for you. If it hurts you more than it makes you happy, it’s not right for you. If you’re committed to yourself you will do the things it takes to make yourself be in a positive mindset and place and you will not let someone stand inbetween you and your life’s works. Make the decision that times where someone rude tells you what to do is over. You don’t need anything from them, cause everything you need you can get yourself. Put yourself first, do not be a doormat. Not for a family member, a friend, a partner, or a company.




look what you’ve done to me
constantly believing
that this is my reality

ain’t no game
i’m in a lot of pain
i cant shut up my brain
and i think i’ve already went insane


this isn’t what you want
Im not who you think
i am
some broken woman
jaded and confused
lost in this 3d world
wondering what’s left to lose

there’s nothing left to see
what do you want from me?
there’s nothing here for you
but yes i love you too

Mid-November 2018 Guidance Message

This is a collective intuitive channeled message and tarot energy reading. Take what resonates for you and apply as it fits in your life. 


You’re attached to being codependent to an arrogant lying asshole who tries to control your life. You can come out of that as soon as you decide you’re done limiting yourself. Be fair. If someone can’t afford to do something don’t ask them to anyways just to appease you. If one person is doing better than the other you don’t need to hide it from the other but you don’t need to gloat about it either. Someone is trying to be there for you but you’re turning it down to offer your energy to feeling brokenhearted. Get a grip. Turn to creating something or getting spiritual to deal with your stress. You  need to be in control of your own life if you don’t want to be mind fucked. Stop mourning things that can’t be changed. You can do better. If you’re trying to have a new beginning, don’t let some sleazeball come in and try to screw that up for you. You’re the one who’s keeping you stuck. Be still. Detach. What would you want to do with your life if you had no worries? Ah, there it is. You don’t even believe that would ever be possible. You can be happy though and you know what it starts with? It starts with you. You divorcing the lies you’ve told yourself and others and marrying the truth…everything you’ve gone through, done, given, every heart break and loss, they have been the moments that formed and made you into who you are as a person today. You have a big block in relationships due to the fact you take others’ words and actions as a personal reflection of you when it’s actually a reflection of them. You need to know that not feeling enough, the feeling of being stuck, the drama, feeling hopeless, deserving of an unhappy home, it’s all motivated by the devil. You have to be fair and good to yourself and protect yourself from that kind of energy. Be committed to a new good vibe beginning, only dealing with things and people that allow you to grow and be in your zone. Your peace isn’t worth compromising for someone else’s entertainment or lack of dealing with their own problems.

First Week of November 2018 Guidance Message

This is a collective intuitive channeled message and tarot energy reading. Take what resonates for you and apply as it fits in your life. 


You go through the hard times so you can appreciate them when they’re good. You struggle so later you’re better prepared when it really matters for you or for someone else you come across. Speaking of someone else, you can learn lessons from them if you can hear them out about their experiences rather than you having to go through it yourself first. Everything happens for a reason. It’s not about where you been or where you are but where you’re going. Look back then till now, see how far you’ve come? Now imagine the changes that are before you if you act now. If things haven’t changed much, then this is your wake up call too. It’s your perception how you take things. Think about alternative ways to respond to people rather than react. This will be a good first step into seeing changes you would prefer. When you’re getting close to giving up hope, or when things finally work out for you, lean on your faith and thank the lord for what you have been blessed with. An awareness to how your primal energy is being used may be needed at this time. Refrain from excessive pleasure of the body to strengthen the spirituality in you. Use that energy to progress yourself forward. If anything is of superficial nature or a substitution for a real thing, that will drain you. You need a beneficial reciprocation in anything for it to be a good and healthy bond. If not, you are depleting and cheating yourself and your partner if you have one of good life force that can be used to create progression in your life. There are more productive things to use that energy for, like manifesting what you want in your life. “Once a ________ always a ________” statements like this aren’t true. People can change for the better. Yes, even yourself. Commitment is here if you’d just stop trying to relive the past over and over long enough to see that they’ve been there waiting for you. You’ll get news of an unfortunate event but will be compensated for it. This has been a long time coming. Even if it doesn’t feel right be sure to stay where you’re at for this time. This will bring in the new offer if you’re silent and still there. It’s not that you want to go, but you are tired of feeling mistreatment and misunderstood. You deserve more and expect more and the truth is you can have whatever you want so why should you put up with it? You’re getting over the fact that they seem unhappy with you no matter what you do and you’re over it because you can get that anywhere. Do not join in the negative mindset. It’s a sad story but your life has been hard enough without all this in it. Those times in your life are over. Now it’s about doing things right. Committing to yourself and your faith remembering you will always be protected and the blessing is waiting for you to let go of what isn’t good for you so it can be gifted to you. If something upsetting from the past returns handle it with a wiser stand point than before. You have everything on your side waiting for you to allow yourself to move forward in your life. You know internally what to do in those moments of peace and silence. Listen.

Healing 101

Telling me to let the past go
when you’re the one still show casing you intimate with other people and touching them inappropriately in front of me and in photos.
But right that’s my just my insecurity though?
Complain about how there’s not enough of “us”
but when the oppurtunity arises you aren’t showing it off and you’re not showing up.
Why say I need to do more of x, y, and z
if when i make an effort you rather do anything else than be with just me?
You care so much about how you come off and treat others yet simultaneously use what I’ve told you against me to push my buttons.
Grab my arm, do me harm, sing a song, ask if I’ll forgive you now and we can get along?
Trauma Bond.
I tell you it’s wrong and you must want a fight,
here comes the gaslight.
“I didn’t do that, you must be crazy. Be careful what you do or they might lock you up in a penitentiary’
This isn’t love, and you don’t own me.
You didn’t realize what you had and you just thought I’d never leave.
I don’t care how long it takes you to grieve, get used to it because now all I’ll ever be to you is a distant memory.
When you hurt an angel
prepared to get mangled
by the demons in your hell.
Your actions and words put you here when you convinced me it was safe to trust you and when I went to fall you didn’t catch me, I just fell.
This pattern keeps repeating,
the voice that nags at me In my head causes my ears internal bleeding.
Like a broken record it does it over
and over.
I want it to end,
I want to get better.
I want to feel like I’m no longer in that world, where only bad things will happen for me and I’m always destined to be disappointed or to always fail.
I don’t know how I’m doing this but I’m trying to get my shit together and keep moving forward without thinking about running away or dying. The more i ramble to express what i feel, the less i feel confident about being understood or heard but I’m trying.
Consideration should be a two way sensation not about what one loyal person does for the other who cannot resist temptation.
What has come of this nation.
Fuck this jibber jabber I’m going to do some saging
before i start raging.
But back to the main point for a conclusion,
your inability to love or be loved, here’s the solution,
love yourself first so you can let others love you.
Be the change,
broaden your emotional range,
don’t care who thinks you’re strange.
Hurting others won’t heal you,
and then you will have karma coming back at you.
Don’t lie for the sake of not hurting someone’s feelings,
because at the end of the day, they don’t deserve to be crying on their beds staring up at their ceilings
wondering why no matter what they do you still don’t seem satisfied to be with them.

End of October 2018 Tarotscope

Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. You have a full natal chart, and energies can be switched. Apply it how it fits for you. This is a general, not personal reading. 



Wean yourself if it’s too much at first. Let go of being upset that someone else took care of them self better than you could. The only thing to worry about now is healing yourself. The rest will follow after seeing you’re serious. It’s okay to be happier on your own. No one would blame you. But if you wanted to try again a tip is knowing this person just needs to hear that they weren’t a burden on you. You know you can’t offer them anything legitimate unless you’ve taken care of yourself first. You have to give this person time to grieve the fact that you’ve been selfish. There’s no new drama, they just are keeping their boundaries firm and keeping to themselves.



Have you imagined the loss of your closest person? The reason they think that they’re a burden is because their parents weren’t there like they should’ve been and they feel like there must be something wrong with them. So just express to them how they’re not too much for you. Keeping yourself balanced helps with ignoring external proposals that you don’t want. You have come too far to do some dumb selfish shit. You see how far they’ve come too, and don’t want them to have to start over either. You know they’re who you want you just want to be able to start your new slate clean and fresh. You can have what you want but you just need to be good with this one person or let them go. They were there when no one else was, and you still want them after you’ve gotten more success. Even when things aren’t great they find a way to make it good for you. Make sure to be grateful and caring in return and not abuse your power in the situation over them.



Before someone can be a life guard they are required to meet certain standards and be certified in emergency protocols. Also how can you save anyone if you aren’t saving yourself first? Stop being controlling hoping it’ll help you not lose things. If it’s meant to be out of your life it will be replaced with something else. The inability to accept love is emotional immaturity due to someone else saying you weren’t enough and others are better than you. You are choosing to give that person your own power when you agree to the idea of them finding someone better than you. Get to the point where if someone threatens to leave or say you deserve something less than your worth you won’t hesitate to call their bluff and walk away. It’s not that you don’t love them, it’s that you deserve to be happy and respected, end of story. You might have issues to no fault of your own, and happy or not, it’s only fair you give yourself a break to get back on your feet when you need it. Always working away because someone told you you had to doesn’t mean it’s the Law. You’re the boss of your own life. Not anybody else. If something makes you happy and feel full of purpose the money doesn’t need to be a concern it will follow with time. Quit giving time to things that aren’t good for you and start going after what it is you want to accomplish while you’re here.



Anyone can be a magician or an evil sorcerer. Just depends how much dedication you apply to your studying and your practice. Also the mindset you choose to carry with your set of skills plays a part in your delivery and reception to your show. Don’t compare yourself to others you find naturally more talented at something than you either because attendance and effort reward eternally with experience. Some naturally with it will never appreciate their gift or be willing to share it with others. You do you. You are the one who needs to tame your emotional beast. No one else can do that for you. You can’t be manipulated by others if you’re “manipulating” yourself already. Anything that makes it harder on your emotions you need to deal with it. Others may be warning your partner to find someone else because of your emotional bullshit. Faith and working on your crafts and skills will bring you out of your anxiety and stress while benefiting you vs. the crap you know won’t. If unfortunately someone from your past who treated you like there was something out there better for them than you comes around don’t give it a second chance. You are over the drama and want to focus on yourself, not them. You don’t need dishonest, unbalanced, manipulative people in your life anymore. That also means you gotta stop your own mind games you play yourself too, right? Cause you ain’t a hypocrite.



Say what it is you want said to you. Teal. Communication with the point to reach calmness and clarity. Lavender. Sometimes you have to wait to find how long “forever” will last with something. This waiting time is sacred and precious. It’s time you can better yourself with in preparation for the next stage. How you choose to use it is yours, but in this lifetime it’s time you will never get back. Use it with wise discretion. Dried Rose. You desire to keep the classic idea of romance, love, and beauty as your foundation to all things in your life you build upon. You also encourage and influence others to do the same in their own life. You could have the happiness you want if you focus on what you can do that’s good for you and not waste your time on things that are not. The choice is yours whether to keep things going or not. There’s no better time than now and your emotions are the only thing in your way.

Mid October 2018 Tarotscope

Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. You have a full natal chart, and energies can be switched. Apply it how it fits for you. This is a general, not personal reading. 




You will get what you desire but first you must lay down the chasing of people who serve no purpose other than being a warm body to you. Focus on your dreams and don’t worry about the money because whatever you want from your heart you will get. You were investing in a commitment and the tables have turned and now you do whatever you shall please. Don’t expect them to stay though. Wait… you thought you could have your cake and eat everything else too? No. You can only have yours. Not keep yours and nibble here and there on other things. You know that’s not right. Be honest about the lack of morality that mindset is. You wanted things to go this way and were going to be happy about it before so really sit there and think about what it is you even want. Realize already you’re not balanced enough to know. Focus on the positive things in life. People walked out on you because of your treatment towards them and behavior. It’s not fair and they don’t deserve it. You know that’s not how you treat someone you love. If you want someone else, be honest about it. If you can’t then they need to be let go.



Drinking and drugs never help emotions. If you’re tired of feeling stuck do other things to feel good that aren’t drinking. You should give it a shot and try really hard at recovering from that before you decide to just throw a relationship with someone away. If you’re cheating on them or cheating them out of something that they need then that’s not fair. Fix what feels wrong, right your wrongs, and only do wrongs now when it comes to the things that make you feel trapped. Do what makes you happy and stop giving it to things and people that don’t. With power comes great responsibility. Don’t do it if you can’t submit yourself to the judgement when you’re out of line. Only committing to what’s right will fix the past. Slow down with drama if you want more success. Come out of the victim role. You know what’s manipulating you. You know that ruins your esteem. Get it under control.



This person views your retrieval of efforts as you giving it to somebody else. They think you want to go have fun with other people while you want them to “work on them self”. Your inability to be stable is putting this relationship on a halt. You think vices are more important than something you’ve always wanted? They aren’t going to keep being there for you if you keep adding to their burdens. Invest in a new beginning where you are independent but not unfair and secretive about things. All that contributes to the situation is chaos. You don’t feel good about something because of things that you or someone else did wrong in the past and how others reacted to it. They don’t live your life and they don’t know what it’s like for you. They can’t tell you anything you don’t already know before. Keep to yourself and what feels good to you and you’ll see the good that returns for doing that.



Don’t sabotage yourself. If you’re feeling victimized you can neutralize it. Pull back and regroup yourself when you feel unstable. Give yourself happiness to get you back to your advantage point. You’re turning down offers that don’t feel good to you even if you can’t decide if that’s the best decision or not. Things are going good but feel stagnant because you still haven’t found ways to keep yourself happy on a consistent basis. Step 1, walk away from drama. Focus on your crafts. Offer your time and effort to yourself if they’re telling you they can’t be there for you like they said they could. They want to use their money on vices. Their lying ins’t going to keep getting slid past you. You want to feel good about the situation and like you can trust them, not like you can’t. They’re going to come out and say how they feel about this. No more efforts to what feels bad to you now. Be happy being independent. Don’t listen to others when it comes to your own creations. Everyone loves someone who doesn’t give up on them self. If they don’t love you for that, they’re a dream crusher, and they gotta go.

Second Week October 2018 Tarotscope

Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. You have a full natal chart, and energies can be switched. Apply it how it fits for you. This is a general, not personal reading. 



It’s apparent you know the negative things and people that you need to let go of so you can focus on your money and healing. No more new beginnings till you’re feeling ready. Do you feel lighter after letting it go? You’re being guarded towards the person who called you out. Don’t try to apologize, they will not believe you. They think you’re a liar and they feel better off without you. You cut yourself off and feeling victimized now when they just don’t want to put up with your shit. You feel stuck and like you’ve had a shitty time because of your own actions. It is your responsibility to get yourself the help you need. It’s not working, never has, and isn’t fair to those who care about you, isn’t fair to yourself, and can’t keep going on like this. You think you’re fine and not the problem. Go ahead and wait for them to make a move, you won’t get far. They feel unburdened now by letting you go. Buh-bye. To get rid of the anxiety you feel now is take control of what you actually can and work more on yourself and your own finances. Get help with your illness and/or addictions. It’s the only way to get what you want.




They’re happy with you but they have disorders/ailments that require you to be extra careful with them and you need to stay away from toxic and secretive situations. Stop always trying to pick fights with the people you say you care about. They will walk away if you can’t show some commitment. You are caring about theme even though they might’ve hurt you making you feel like they weren’t trying as much as they could’ve to help a situation. If you make threats be prepared for them to call your bluff. They can be on their own. Someone did or said something fucked up and the other is willing to give it another chance but if time goes too long without the offender extending the olive branch then they’ll start to walk away. If the offender wants the other person confident and happy like they claim then they need to act like they mean it because the other person feels mind fucked. If they’re what you want, why are you waiting? Tomorrow isn’t promised. You will be surprised what’s on the other side of your fear if you speak up about your thoughts and emotions.



You don’t feel confident because you’re arrogantly being paranoid of everything and that’s because the role of being the over dramatic one to get noticed is slowly becoming no longer useful. That personality was learned and needed for the trauma you were in at the time but it’s served it’s purpose and time to retire it. It’s time to celebrate life now. You’ve been holding onto your pennies and people think you are holding back but you know the truth of it is you’ve been focusing more on the relationship than anything else and it was needed to go through all the internal work to get rid of some of the crippling anxiety you were experiencing. Now that you’ve shed that layer you can start brand new. Success starts with acknowledging the ways you’ve already won. Someone wants to believe it but just can’t right now. They’re struggling to stay balanced. Step 1: Don’t do things you know will fuck with your emotions. Step 2: Don’t do things you know will upset your Home. It won’t stay hidden, it won’t work out, they don’t deserve it. If you want it anyways that’s sad news for you because by giving into temptations you are missing the blessing in front of you. Stop being arrogant. Stop feeling so guarded with your feelings. Stop doing things that don’t make you feel good.



You’re done feeling sad and stuck because of the people who didn’t want happiness with you before. You’ve decided the truth is you’re awesome and it’s time to enjoy life already. Anxiety will end when you stop making efforts and offers to what ins’t making you feel the best you. You let them know that you just don’t see anything good coming of it. They were too arrogant and the drama they caused is unneeded in your life. You struggle to walk away from things you know are bad for you because of the investments you’ve already put into it but if they can’t treat you correctly you’re halting movement forward. Things won’t continue until you feel stable, victorious, and you see they make the room for you to fit on front display in their life. Money and material possessions mean nothing to you if you’re not also being offered emotion behind it. Codependency and addictions are preventing you from moving forward so offer time and effort to other things that make you feel good and happy. Trying to control other people so you can be happy has never worked. Take a chance on yourself and do what’s fair for you, or stay emotional and stuck. Someone is fighting the truth about the spiritual lesson and blessing within this union. They were being closed off but quickly going to come in with an offer of commitment. They’re happy and know that it’s just fear telling them you wonder about being with others. If you’re settling or not getting what you want have the strength to stand up for yourself and say “I’m amazing and I can do this with or without you, the unstable unhappy home scene is over and done.” We’re coming out of that. Pull back and see how they react to you doing that. That’ll tell you what they’re really all about. Even if you have “nothing left” it’s not worth it to stay where you don’t feel genuinely cared about.

Big Brother 20 Finale Recap

Endurance comp is first part looks brutal.

JC dropped first. Now it’s Kaycee and Tyler against eachother.

Kaycee fell and Tyler lasted the longest.

Tyler mentions how he had a “Goals : Win Big Brother” at his home.

Kaycee is annoyed he didn’t drop first.


Kaycee vs JC

it’s mental comp.

She couldn’t remember Sam because she figured Sam was still hiding out in the have not room doing arts and crafts.


kaycee 18:55 ….

JC 19:34



now Kaycee is going to go against Tyler.

Dr.Will’s oxy lovin ass lookin old af

Brett thinks it’ll be JC coming in. Others think Angela will be joining jury.

They say Tyler will be nice but won’t be him.

Angela says “JC that little shit put me up”

Angela talks about Level 6 to the jury members.

Everyone raises their hands for being there thanks to Level 6. Angela says Kaycee rode Tyler’s coattails.

Haleigh says Kaycee won all these vetos and did nothing.

Fessy says but that got her here.

Angela says it should be the person who made the moves.

Bayleigh says “is that because youre in a showmance with him?”

Angela says “no she made the safest moves”

Haleigh says it did no good for her to use them so why do it?

Bayleigh says maybe Kaycee’s big move was stringing Angela along and then kick her out last.

Sam says you were lulled into a sense of security.

Rockstar says Kaycee floated.

Rockstar thinks JC ran things and planted alot of seeds.

Sam agrees.

Scottie says he got my teammate to vote me out.

Fessy says JC played me.

Bayleigh says Tyler might have left a sour taste but good game is good game.


This winter there will be a celebrity big brother.

Third part is a true or false.

Theyre at a tie at question 4

another tie.

another tie.

another tie.

another tie.

another tie. they both missed this one.

going to boards.

seconds math question…ugh


final HOH!!!

JC tells her i love you i appreciate what you did that means alot thanks for not blindsiding me. if you take me with you its mostly you winning. if you take him with you i already know you want to, you might win mmore with me.

Tyler says to bboth of you i love you , JC I know youre heartbroken i am too. But day1 me and Kaycee me and you final 2. Kaycee you done so well im so proud of you.

Kaycee is guarenteed atleast 2nd place, so she’s taking with her to final 2

this is crappy i love you both jc you been a huge team player i cant imagine being top 3 with anyone else. im sorry but i have to evict you.

She takes Tyler with her! It’s Kaycee and Tyler final 2!!

JC says i love you guys and runs out with so much enthusiasm.

Kaycee and Tyler hug and cry.


Julie to JC “So close”

He said I played it dirty , but I went loyal and that’s what screwed me.

Julie wonders if that was a mistake for Kaycee.

JC says I drank too much coffee let me calm down first.

Loyalty over Everything he says.

Sam dyed her hair dark.

the talk about they’re both super fans and how they had good game different ways.

Kaycee mentions that this little peanut would love your vote because im totally nuts about this game didnt make promises i couldnt keep

Tyler says he knew he’d be a threat and his super fandom was key to making it through. wanted people to think he was confused. He talks about being more than just play mate with Angela. Lol

Jury votes.

Rockstar says they’re both winners to her.

Haleigh says she didnt vote till she heard their speeches.

Brett says even though he’s not there he’s proud it’s 2 level 6 members.

Angela says the seperation anxiety is unreal and the decision was not easy.

JC says “Quality over quantity”

Tyler says he hopes he has ALOT Of time with her.

She says she doesn’t know what the future holds but she’s excited for the next chapter.

Fessy and Haleigh “whats the status?” “its the real deal” he said. she says it is indeed.

Swaggy says remember when you said I need to take charge remember that?

Remember when you said you love me?

Swaggy proposes to Bayleigh on stage…

He says in front of every girl I don’t want anyone else but you. Will you marry me?

She says yes.

JC voted Tyler

Angela voted Tyler

Sam voted Kaycee

Brett voted Tyler

Haleigh voted Tyler

Scottie voted Kaycee

Fessy voted Kaycee

Rockstar voted Kaycee

Bayleigh is decider Kaycee!!!



Kaycee cries as she comes out on stage with Tyler. WE DID IT WE DID IT

America’s Favorite Houseguest is coming up.

Bayleigh and Rockstar look uncomfortable with Swaggy js.

Tyler wins America’s Favorite houseguest.

He said I thought America hated me.

he cries

Kaycee says I’m gonna help out all of my family here and the phillipeans

Julie says everyone said this is the best season according to everyone.

there will be one next year so sign up if you want it

this was great thanks for everyone who tuned into the journey with us