Big Brother 20 Finale Recap

Endurance comp is first part looks brutal.

JC dropped first. Now it’s Kaycee and Tyler against eachother.

Kaycee fell and Tyler lasted the longest.

Tyler mentions how he had a “Goals : Win Big Brother” at his home.

Kaycee is annoyed he didn’t drop first.


Kaycee vs JC

it’s mental comp.

She couldn’t remember Sam because she figured Sam was still hiding out in the have not room doing arts and crafts.


kaycee 18:55 ….

JC 19:34



now Kaycee is going to go against Tyler.

Dr.Will’s oxy lovin ass lookin old af

Brett thinks it’ll be JC coming in. Others think Angela will be joining jury.

They say Tyler will be nice but won’t be him.

Angela says “JC that little shit put me up”

Angela talks about Level 6 to the jury members.

Everyone raises their hands for being there thanks to Level 6. Angela says Kaycee rode Tyler’s coattails.

Haleigh says Kaycee won all these vetos and did nothing.

Fessy says but that got her here.

Angela says it should be the person who made the moves.

Bayleigh says “is that because youre in a showmance with him?”

Angela says “no she made the safest moves”

Haleigh says it did no good for her to use them so why do it?

Bayleigh says maybe Kaycee’s big move was stringing Angela along and then kick her out last.

Sam says you were lulled into a sense of security.

Rockstar says Kaycee floated.

Rockstar thinks JC ran things and planted alot of seeds.

Sam agrees.

Scottie says he got my teammate to vote me out.

Fessy says JC played me.

Bayleigh says Tyler might have left a sour taste but good game is good game.


This winter there will be a celebrity big brother.

Third part is a true or false.

Theyre at a tie at question 4

another tie.

another tie.

another tie.

another tie.

another tie. they both missed this one.

going to boards.

seconds math question…ugh


final HOH!!!

JC tells her i love you i appreciate what you did that means alot thanks for not blindsiding me. if you take me with you its mostly you winning. if you take him with you i already know you want to, you might win mmore with me.

Tyler says to bboth of you i love you , JC I know youre heartbroken i am too. But day1 me and Kaycee me and you final 2. Kaycee you done so well im so proud of you.

Kaycee is guarenteed atleast 2nd place, so she’s taking with her to final 2

this is crappy i love you both jc you been a huge team player i cant imagine being top 3 with anyone else. im sorry but i have to evict you.

She takes Tyler with her! It’s Kaycee and Tyler final 2!!

JC says i love you guys and runs out with so much enthusiasm.

Kaycee and Tyler hug and cry.


Julie to JC “So close”

He said I played it dirty , but I went loyal and that’s what screwed me.

Julie wonders if that was a mistake for Kaycee.

JC says I drank too much coffee let me calm down first.

Loyalty over Everything he says.

Sam dyed her hair dark.

the talk about they’re both super fans and how they had good game different ways.

Kaycee mentions that this little peanut would love your vote because im totally nuts about this game didnt make promises i couldnt keep

Tyler says he knew he’d be a threat and his super fandom was key to making it through. wanted people to think he was confused. He talks about being more than just play mate with Angela. Lol

Jury votes.

Rockstar says they’re both winners to her.

Haleigh says she didnt vote till she heard their speeches.

Brett says even though he’s not there he’s proud it’s 2 level 6 members.

Angela says the seperation anxiety is unreal and the decision was not easy.

JC says “Quality over quantity”

Tyler says he hopes he has ALOT Of time with her.

She says she doesn’t know what the future holds but she’s excited for the next chapter.

Fessy and Haleigh “whats the status?” “its the real deal” he said. she says it is indeed.

Swaggy says remember when you said I need to take charge remember that?

Remember when you said you love me?

Swaggy proposes to Bayleigh on stage…

He says in front of every girl I don’t want anyone else but you. Will you marry me?

She says yes.

JC voted Tyler

Angela voted Tyler

Sam voted Kaycee

Brett voted Tyler

Haleigh voted Tyler

Scottie voted Kaycee

Fessy voted Kaycee

Rockstar voted Kaycee

Bayleigh is decider Kaycee!!!



Kaycee cries as she comes out on stage with Tyler. WE DID IT WE DID IT

America’s Favorite Houseguest is coming up.

Bayleigh and Rockstar look uncomfortable with Swaggy js.

Tyler wins America’s Favorite houseguest.

He said I thought America hated me.

he cries

Kaycee says I’m gonna help out all of my family here and the phillipeans

Julie says everyone said this is the best season according to everyone.

there will be one next year so sign up if you want it

this was great thanks for everyone who tuned into the journey with us