Big Brother 20 Episode Recap September 19, 2018

The veto comp is a maze and they have to find certain things.

The winner with best time was Kaycee!


Kaycee doesn’t use the veto.

(Sorry, family emergency caused me to not be able to finish the show blog live)

Sam and JC give their eviction speeches.

JC’s speech was cute.

Sam goes home.

Sam feels embarassed to wear sweatpants out, it’s okay Sam 🙂

She feels surprised that she got 2-0 vote.

She said JC is annoying, and Tyler said he would take her F2 so she’s confused. She doesn’t feel different about them.

She feels maybe she was too different and not prepared for the experience but it’s changed her and she has been completely changed thanks to it all and she thinks she maybe isolated herself at times.

She said it would take way longer than a few seconds to talk about how the game has changed her and what she’s learned about herself.

JC solidified a spot in F3.

I will post the other one soon. Thanks 🙂

Next week will be finale.

JC says “we were just sitting here having tea time and now I’m the new HOH hahaha”