Big Brother 20 Episode Recap September 9th 2018

Haleigh knows she’s going on the block again.

Sam feels bad for herself because she’s alone.

Kaycee and Angela talk about Haleigh and then Sam out.

Kaycee said Sam goes up as pawn, Haleigh backdoor target.

Kaycee’s brother wrote her. “Something’s in my eye!” she fibs about her crying.

Her little brother asked her to be his best “thingamajig whatever” as he marries his girlfriend. Everyone’s emotional. (Including me)

Tyler asks Angelina fave food “Sushi”

“Least fave?”

“PB & J, I hate how it smells.”

She has an acute sense of smell and it bothers her (I have this also)

Angela says Tyler never smells bad.

Brett goes and tells Sam if she goes up as pawn to calm down. He wants to build up her confidence so if she wins HOH next week, she doesn’t put him up maybe.

She said “So I’m going up. They always say pawn isn’t the main target”

“Brett doesn’t want me to freak out. Me? Freak out? Never…” she tells DR.

She goes to talk to Kaycee.

Kaycee says Sam has paranoia so she needs to make her feel safe.

She tells Sam she has a target, and she has to go.

“Is it Haleigh?” Sam asks.

“Everyone knows Sam…so let’s cross our fingers and hope…” Kaycee comments in DR.


Haleigh comes up to talk to Kaycee.

She keeps repeating “I have you I have you”

Kaycee says If you had me you wouldn’t have put me on the block twice.

Shut. Up.

Kaycee says “Yes..I do have you, as number one target this week” to DR.


Nicole from BB18 shows up for the luxury comp.

They all see her from HOH cam.

Victor shows up on the screen.

“You always fill in my blank. Even though I didn’t win the money, I walked out with the biggest prize in the world, and that was you. Our story started in the Big Brother house, but i know my future is going to be with you.”

He walks out in a suit with cut hair. He starts to tear up and gets on a knee and proposes. All the houseguests watch.

Another guest…

cliffhanger for commercial. God damnit.


Derrick, Paul, Brittany, Josh, and Danielle showed up too.

Now the house guests come down to join.

Sam says she’s a hopeless romantic and lives for things like that.

Tyler says having a house full of legends motivates him even more.

Brett wants to know if he looks like a jackass or awesome like he thinks he does.

Angela thinks Derrick smells good.

There’s no real luxury comp, this was for the proposal party.


JC is doing hoop jumps.

“You get around…haha…get it?!” Brett says. (He’s just like my boyfriend, looks mannerisms and all -_- lol )


Angela talks about not having a childhood and having to be perfect. I feel her pain. She talks about only associating with that identity and not knowing how to be anyone else. ( also know this feeling… damn.

Tyler says he’s so lucky to have met an amazing person like her.

Haleigh knocks on HOH door while Kaycee’s rocking out on her headphones.

Kaycee says she hasn’t really talked much and doesn’t have much to say.

Haleigh starts to cry again and Kaycee hugs her and tells her to stop.

Haleigh says she enjoys and cares about Kaycee, and that she’s tired of being on the block and it sucks.

Here she goes with the “you have me” again… ughhh..shuttup.

Kaycee says “on personal level i love her but gameplay i dont know her. big picture is im going for veto, then im going for her. its  strictly game.”

Haleigh and Sam are nominated. Sam frowns.

Haleigh smiles and nods knowing already it would happen.

Sam says she will tear every door off this bitch in this motherfucker and lose my mind and I swear on everything that’s holy they will regret it if I’m looking like a dumbass and this isn’t real (Damn girl sound like me right now! LOL)


Thanks for tuning in.