Big Brother 20 Episode Recap September 2nd 2018

Tyler won HOH.

Haleigh is crying “I can’t do this anymore, why drag it out? Just send me home now.”

Scottie says he’s going to try to rekindle the friendship with Tyler.

JC says Tyler winning HOH is basically like him winning HOH.

JC talks shit about Sam to Haleigh to try to keep them arguing with one another.

Tyler and Angela call JC a snake/rat.

Tyler and Angela are flirting, wishing the game was over already.

Kaycee says the first person she came out to was her dad and he said oh yeah I knew that, atleast I don’t have to worry about you getting pregnant. She talks about how it hurt her mom.

JC says I know it’s cheesy but it’s really true, it always gets better.

Tyler points out all the times Haleigh screwed him over.

Scottie pitches to Tyler.

JC tries to manipulate Tyler, he says it’s not going to work.

Tyler puts up Scottie and Haleigh.