Big Brother 20 Episode Recap September 16th 2018

Sam breaks the ice “There’s only five of us left, what do I say, who wants dinner?”

Sam said she called Angela a bitch and she’s sorry.

Angela said to DR “It’s okay, I’ll tell you it’s fine, but this bitch is getting you out of here as soon as possible.”

Tyler lies to Sam about Brett wanting to put her up.

JC asks Tyler “what the fuck was that?”

Tyler tells JC that Brett said he was going to put JC up if he won HOH.

JC tells DR he doesn’t believe Tyler.

JC is after Tyler.


Tyler threw up the illuminati symbol.

So did Sam.

It was almost a tie between Angela and Sam, but JC got the point, so it kept Angela ahead.

Angela is HOH again.


JC says he swears he’s smarter than this in real life.

Angela wants Sam out before JC because she’s everyone’s best friend in Jury.

Angela says don’t believe anything coming out of JC’s manipulative mouth.


Angela whispers to Tyler I have a secret to tell you, pinky promise you won’t tell anyone? He pinky promises her. She whispers to him “I’m in love with you.” he said “Weird we share the same secret”

Tyler says they win, but feels like he already won.

:3 aww

To celebrate the top 5 they’re invited to BB Rexa concert.

I like the song she sang on the concert.

The lyrics are good.

She asks if their minds are clearer without social media? They all agree yes.

She says she doesn’t stand a chance next to either one of them in Final 2.

Her target is Sam because she’s over her mood swings.