Big Brother 20 Episode Recap September 12th 2018

Tyler asks Sam if she’s okay, she says “I think so. I’m not walking around here like I’m safe. The way I behave is to keep my sanity. I clean, I have my routine…”

Tyler notices she’s already starting to freak out.

Haleigh says she needs some febreze, and Sam says “we have a hundred million cans…”

Haleigh hopes Sam loses her cool.

Brett asks JC if he likes his hair slicked back better or not

JC says whatever

Brett says oh come on, JC says youa lways look great babe.

They say they know Sam’s going to work herself up into a fit.

They are worried who goes up if Haleigh takes herself down with veto.

JC says it’s for sure one of us. It won’t be Angela or Tyler.


Kaycee tells Tyler she’ll put up JC if someone comes down.


Angela’s parents wish her well and tell her she’s doing well and that they miss her.

82 days

She says it means everything they’re there with her.

Brett’s family says they can smell him from there. They love and miss him.

He calls his sister a lil shit.

Sam’s mom dad and brother say they are proud of her.

She said it was a great comfort.

Tyler’s mom and step dad say they are super proud of him.

He says he misses his dad in heaven and hearing his mom say that means alot. He says he gets all his strength from his dad.

Kaycee’s dad and brothers say they’re getting peanut allergies from her. They mock their mom and say how much they all miss her.

She says “I’m never gonna hear the end of peanut”

JC’s friend says they miss him so much, and he’s a winner in their eyes. bring home the check so they can go shopping.

JC says he feels weird being the only one not close with his family. He says even a gay girl here still has her family. He says it sucks knowing whatever you do is never ever going to be enough. For some people it just never matters. I know how you feel buddy..

Haleigh’s parents and kitty say they miss her and they are proud.

She says she misses and loves them and she’s so grateful. She was getting burnt out but now it feels like a new day.


JC and Brett lay out in the sun eating grapes.


Brett calls JC a bitch for waking him up.

JC points out Brett’s patchy beard.

Brett says he can’t be the only annoying pervert in the house.

Tyler says JC is pissing him off trying to target Kaycee and Angela.


Kaycee has HOH and now VETO. Three times in a row she’s had Veto.

Kaycee says they’re too far in the game to not be sure of every single move going on in the house. Tyler tells her about JC wanting her and Angela out.

Kaycee doesn’t use the power of veto.

“DUH” she says.

Sam says she’s chosen not to verbally rip them a new asshole.

Tyler says he’s planning for the future, time to go to war.

Tune in tomorrow. Double Eviction!!


Big Brother Episode Recap August 26th 2018

Fessy really thinks Tyler and Angela are helping him and Haleigh. -_-

They have to find a plastic ball in a ball pit with a chance to roll a ball down a factory line that has swinging lollipops, and lock their score in place or go back into a ball pit to get another one.

(Sounds like a long competition mixed with people being prideful, luckily there’s a time limit)

Sam is stashing tokens.

Tyler doesn’t want to win HOH.

JC doesn’t want to win HOH.

Sam barters her chips “As long as you don’t put me up”

JC doesn’t understand her logic.

Angela rather have Brett or Kaycee to win but no one will lock a score, so she’s going to… with a 39.

Tyler got a 38…close.

Haleigh got a 36…nope.

Angela is new HOH 🙂

Poor naive Fessy, still harping on the new alliance.

Angela says she lost the connection with Sam.

Tyler and Haleigh say how she’s distanced herself from everyone.

Tyler says being in the big brother house is fun when you get things your way.

Haleigh notices the quad being excited and puts 2 and 2 together.

Angela asks “Was that bad?”

Tyler says yeah, but whatever.

Haleigh says “I Guarentee I see my picture tomorrow, guarentee”

Fessy still thinks that Angela isn’t going to put them up.

Angela says it sucks that she has to get blood on her hands twice.

Angela says she’s thinking about Sam.

Haleigh says “I figure you probably want to put me up next to her”

Angela says “maybe she’s as dumb as her boyfriend!”

Haleigh says “told you” to Fessy. Umm to be fair, you offered it, you planted that seed first Haleigh…anyways.

Fessy signals Haleigh to leave the room.

Fessy says “She’s not gonna touch you, Angela”

Angela isn’t having it.

Fessy to Tyler she can’t put Haleigh up as a pawn because Sam next to Haleigh, who knows

Haleigh interrupts and argues, Tyler smirks.

Haleigh says “I’m not the kind of person to let a man speak for me, so the fact he tells me to basically stop talking infuriates me”

she tells him she doesnt appreciate it

he’s trying to excuse it

she says “they dont owe me shit so stop saying that for me”

she says “im trying to talk it down because i see how it’s not going somewhere good, they dont owe me shit, is this how you act outside of the house? whats this attitude?”

she says if he’s this mean she doesn’t know what he’s like outside of the house and she doesn’t know how she likes it.

JC likes to cook and make good food.  ( I bet he smokes pot lol )

JC calls the girls his whales, throwing candy into their mouths. HAHA

He says to Kaycee “You’re gonna be ‘lesbihonest'”

Haleigh says she thinks Ty’s type is shy quiet reserved classy healthy

he says the last few girls are “tall”


Tyler says you make it hard to be around here, she asks how?

he says “you walking around here… being yourself.”

Angela says “Maybe I like him, just a little bit!”

Angela talks about how she has walls.

Tyler is like “Why am I wearing her hoodie?!”

Angela talks about Sam and Haleigh but it’s not necessary because they’ll still need to get both Haleigh and Fessy out.

“Maybe Sam, i dont know”

Brett and JC think wasting an HOH on Sam is dumb as fuck.

JC pitches it to Angela.

Fessy now talks to Angela.

Angela says I’m pretty sure Haleigh is going to be a pawn.

Angela says “I think people would be suspicious of me if I didn’t up Haleigh up at least”

Haleigh and Fessy get put up together.

Big Brother 20 August 22, 2018 Episode Recap

Zingbot is here

“Miss me losers? This way you mindless humans”

“Speak for yourself, I was a robot. That must be my boyfriend” says Sam.


Angela gets compared to a heartless emotionless souless robot.

Haleigh gets asked about a crush on Brett, but it’s actually about Scottie.

Kaycee gets called boring for always saying “lets go!”

Brett always seems so fresh and clean which makes sense because he’s a giant douche LOL

Something extra greasy, burnt to a crisp, with a side of zits, sounds like some tyler!

Haleigh you were so good at reading hamlet but the real tragedy is your HOH reign

Scottie sabotages the floor so people don’t look for his folder.

Brett falls on it.

Brett puts mattresses on his pillows.

Tyler says Sam is going to kill everyone because of the mess.

They show Sam asking about the mess.

Jc says go inside I don’t want you to have a heart attack. (sounds like me)

Fessy finds Haleigh’s folder.


Tyler notices the effort in the have not room and he’s investigating.

Scottie checks for his folder, and he findsa nother one.

Haleigh found Scottie’s.

Brett won POV hiding his.

He calls himself a cockroach. (Deja vu?)

Sam loses her shit. (Just like I would)

“These are a bunch of ungrateful little bitches”

Sam says she wants to convince Fessy to put Haleigh up and says “this is fun, I like playing now”

Kind of fucked up considering Haleigh tried to help her clean.

Sam confronts Fessy about putting up Haleigh. Saying that she’s using him as a tool.

He says “wow that’s a curveball Sam”

Fessy mouths “what the fuck” to the camera and tells DR “Zingbot wasn’t kidding when he called Sam crazy”

Scottie says “I know who you can get out where no one is upset with you”

Fessy says “I already know who it is I think”

Scottie says put Haleigh up because she’s Kaitlyn 2.0

Fessy says “That’s what I figured”

Fessy knows about the shadiness. He says he has a lot of thinking to do.

Ohhh shitttt

Big Brother 20 July 18th Episode Recap

Scottie won POV, and he’s HOH.

Brett doesn’t know what to do since he’s up against Winston.

Sam doesn’t know whether to use her Power or let it ride for next week on mystery noms.

They talk about how to talk to Scottie and they have the perfect opportunity in the storage room to talk and DON’T !!! Brett even says “Should’ve just done it right there!” YEAH BUT YALL DIDNT.

Haleigh’s crap app is in play. She’s wearing a green maiden outfit.

Tyler says he has no time to listen to Hamlet.

JC says it’s based on the Lion King.

Um I think you mean that the other way around.

Brett sells that no one is forgetting Swaggy got backdoored. They suggest backdooring Kaitlyn.

They’re both selling it to Scottie. Intimidatingly. They say let’s do a final 3

“Like chess” think ahead.

Kaitlyn says there’s really weird energy in the house. She says her intuition is going and she knows Brett and Winston are talking to Scottie about putting up Kaitlyn. Scottie confirms the vision.

“I’m 90% love and light and 10% go fuck yourself and right now i’m getting to it”

“Do you not understand I can fucking see right through you”

Kaitlyn storms out. “Hey.” The guys say “What?” “Tell me what the fuck is up? Nothing? None?”

They call Scottie out.

Kaityln comes downstairs in their face.

“Aren’t we supposed to be like friends?” she says.

Brett owns what he says.

Brett acts likea  goof and mocks Kaitlyn and says “I just had a vision, you should take me down off the block”

everyone laughs except for Kaitlyn.

Scottie doesn’t use the POV.

Tyler raises his eyebrows at Scottie’s “you have to deal with me now” statement.