💠Bonafide Bloom💠

Like it’s all been an endurance test,

seeing how long I can consecutively be my best.

Down and out,

always on the wire,

they think they can fuckin’ snuff out my fire.

They hire those liars to try and put a collar on me,

they don’t want me free.

Soon they’ll see you can’t



or corner


All my life I’ve struggled to free myself of all my adversities,

and with little – to – no help.

Struggle I did,

yeah the struggle was real.

I went too far,

shit got way too real.

Lived in fear,

I had to fight

to live every fuckin’

day of my life.

I loved real hard,

I worked too much,

I sacrificed my all,

and all for what?

To be alone?

To internally bleed?

To feel like my all was never enough

for anyone but me?

But then I began to realize,

through smokin’ weed and openin’ up all 3 of my eyes,

that’s the core purpose for you and I.

Be our all, and be all that we need,

look inside and not external,

can you feel and see the eternal inferno?

This ain’t DiGiorno,

this is deliverance

from your mental eternal to your eternal bliss.

All those trivial problems you can kiss goodbye.

No need to keep holding on and wasting another tear to cry.

Look to the sky,

that’s whats real.

When you’re feeling panicked and consumed with fear,

take a deep breathe,

close your 2 eyes,

give yourself affirmations,


you’ll see why.

Act as if, and actions will follow.

Soon you’ll see the promises are not hollow.

The truth really isn’t that hard of a pill to swallow,

the ego is just stubborn and never wants to follow.

We gotta find a balance, between you and me,

between us and we,

somewhere in the middle,

somewhere in between.

Meet me half way,

in the night or the day,

clear skies or rain,

let me wrack your uncharted brain.

We’ll get through the pain and can start fresh again.

Less sin,

more room for a heart in your tin.

I used to be “There”,

back when I didn’t care,

but once I had the epiphany about “Destiny”

and how”I am”and how now I see “what will be”

now that I’m “Here”,

and well my dear I’d like to be clear,

I may not tell you always what you want to hear,

but I’m just doing my best to help you heal and rest.

Pass the Test,

enjoy your Nest.

There’s always a reward after you’ve successfully completed a Quest.

This is my nutshell,

I present it to you.

Take the guidance and make it abundance for you too.

Experience may make a wonderful teacher,

but are you here to waste time

or are you here to be a


If you want the strategy here’s the guide,

it ain’t cheating if you’re not hacking the code to get ahead,

your efforts you’re not hiding.

Inside you’ll find where you can confide.

That’s where you can bloom,

that’s how you become bonafide.


you said you hated my face

you said my food looked like shit,

but i could already tell from your personality if those things were true your mouth would’ve already quit.

days came to pass,

your moods always different.

some pleasant and sweet,

some short with sass,

never the less you were heaven – sent.

we related with alot, more than I could with most.

you wondered why I was so hard on you during work,

and afterwards more gentle and maternal, letting some things coast.

in you I saw a younger me,

back a bit ago when I started being a moody teen.

who was different and all my life verified that,

I usually felt alone, and like no one really had my back.

We shared contact info and I let you know

anytime your mom can’t be around and you don’t wanna be alone, Im a call or text away and with me is always somewhere you can call a second home.

need food? let’s eat

something dirty? come do some laundry.

want a ride home instead of a walk?

you never really accepted my offers, but you started to smile more around me, and hugs were now offered!

when you heard about my ex, you told me you’ll kill him,

when I quit my job and had to leave, there already was some grief.

I’m glad we kept in touch and grew our friendship more.

even after you found out about my past and job you still never called me a whore.

you were always there to talk with me, about the philosophical sides to this reality.

and how we are labeled as strange and abnormal, when we’re the ones aware of what’s surrounding “the Formal”

you’re not the first of one of my close friends to die, but it still hits me hard every time.

seems like some fucked up kind of joke, that the ones who can see the real me always disappear and go ghost.

but it is what it is,

I know you’re moving on and to you i toast,

Rayvon, you’re an incredible being, and your warm greeting and hug is one of the things I’m looking forward to the most.

till then I’ll send you good vibes when I see your signs, and make sure you’re there waiting for me when I catch up with you on the flipside!