Vivienne Westwood Fall/Winter 2019/2020 Show Message

Make your own things and stopping buying stuff you don’t need.

Spoon on left ear: there is no such thing as fatality death. Just “death”.

Nasa lying about what climate change is, they are telling you it’s public knowledge the ozone going down under Paris and will soon not be able to survive in.

All the info is in the cards(occult knowledge/tarot/metaphorically) which are laid out on the table.Everyone worried about the wrong things. Things are going to come up, and go down. Physically and metaphysically.

Soon the mark of the beast well be given to the new born children, who aren’t evolving organically but instead controlled by the AI in their skin.

Head wraps and full suits needed for the palest.

The more melanin the more you’ll shine.

You think you can handle the new world, Fool?

The arctic peace treaty is being compromised by Russia which will be the catalyst for the “invasion” and why we need “space force” which activates and starts “the game” laying the “first cards down”

Power can be achieved by invoking human emotions and then keeping plans in secret.

The world’s separated by those who don’t think and impulsively act or do as their told, and those who think and are intelligent and always willing to learn more and brainstorm to solve problems, like what to do to have a peaceful world. They talk about their plans on how to take over the world every month at their little book club meetings.

If you’re rich enough, gold leafed masks may be used to reflect or alchemize uvb rays for paler races.

Buy lies. We’re taught when we are young, be who you are, which isn’t what you are already as is, but what is seemingly unachievable unless a magical fairy granted your wish or you pay the right price. All the characters in stories are energies to be matched with yourself as a guide, who will you be?

Will you eat whatever is convenient, knowing it will turn you into a jackass of corporate consumption?

The elect are not honest with us Like they claim in stories and movies they allow though, they mix the truth with fiction to confuse and mislead the masses.

Art is the truth which is why it can’t be regulated.

If you continue to ignore what history has taught, and claim only in the moment counts, there is no future for you to obtain, this is the lie.

The world cares more about political correctness, feelings, and opinions rather than the truth and the facts and the logic. This is why they are blind to the truth.

It’s a lie that spending everything and ignorantly paying for something without questioning will make you rich. Obviously not true. You have to use discernment and discipline.

You’re buying crap you don’t need that’s worth shit to fund assholes who contribute nothing back to society and their communities.

Democracy is a lie pushing everyone to a one world order which only accelerates the elects’ further destruction of the current state of our world as we know it.

Things will happen to shake things up and make the playing field more fair and even.

Just because someone doesn’t admit they’re evil doesn’t make it so. It gets their dicks hard to Fuck you over like that and you just take it.

Stop lying to children about climate change being their responsibility. Tell the fucking truth.

We are meant to speak with our words otherwise we’re devolving back to lower animals.

The elect try to portray themselves as innocent behind the aprons of ignorance. Social media and the army of drones in the echo chamber silence any healthy and progressive conversation or discussion on what to do to solve problems in the world.

The new lies for consumption is “it’s okay to spend even more now because it will save the ‘planet’ so it’s good, You’re allowed.”

They want you to think going into this new contract will be profitable for you.

What was once classically loved and upheld will soon be kissed goodbye to something more out of the box and experimental.

We come in and out of portals time and time again here and there. We choose partners we will share this go around with, don’t make the same agreements as before, follow the leads of example, the ones with roles that make you feel noble when you do as them. Then you can make an agreement with yourself to do better again always, just like before.

Say what you mean to say boldly without embarrassment, especially when you’re driven to by a stronger force than you, it’s needed.


Shanann Watts Tarot Reading

Done with all respect for her, the children, and her friends and family.


This is what intuitively came to me through channeled messages and use of divination through prayer entry with God. I don’t know the accuracy of the messages, but I feel inclined to share.

“i want everyone to know i wasn’t happy but i did what i could. i was trying.
crying. why would you do this to me or our kids
really we hope they all learn a lesson about what family really means and what people try to make it seem. what marriage really is and what it just seemed like. i never thought he would do something like this. things have been bad but never this bad. the man who saved me and protected us turning on us is not what i imagined us doing together with our life and future.
why was she in our house. why couldnt you just keep her out. why couldnt you just leave if you were not happy. why couldnt you just be honest with me once. i knew something was wrong and i waitied too late. tell nicole that she will always be my best friend and my hero. i know she did her best and im proud of her for standing up to chris for us. im glad to all who knew i was not that wife and not that mother. look up more symbolism of the names and number and how he hurt us and buried us. these are clues to a bigger organization that conspired this and started it all. also thrive has no benefits and if i had been more concerned about working honestly instead of just making sales then maybe i would’ve not missed the signs that were warning me to stop and evaluate things in my relationship with him. I was just trying to get money incase he dipped on us cause I just knew something was wrong.

Don’t let anyone, even the person you love, stifle or smother your wants and needs of living a happily fulfilled life. If something tells you something is really wrong, do not ignore it. it was the death of me and my children. If someone is being distant with you and rejecting you, especially in bed, they are hiding something from you and it can be dentrimental. Make sure also your self worth is not lacking. It prevents you from falling for the wrong people and prevents them from being able to pull one over on you. Also if you are insecure or feel you don’t deserve something you will put off that energy and attract what you don’t want to you. Practice being unaffected by the negative energy around you. Your soul approves of you at all times, even if your human body doesn’t. Things can’t run smoothly or easier if you are doing them seperate of someone else in a partnership. Two heads are better than one. Road in a relationship means people meet half way. Not one always going to the other. Don’t let yourself get so down that others can easily take advantage of you. Some things are not meant to be held onto. Don’t trust people who don’t open up to you. ” – from who I believe to be Shanann herself.

Channeled Information:

Shanann was too confident and happy to lower herself to what Chris wanted from her. He was too immature to let her go and cheated with someone who was willing to do the things Shanann would not. Chris was anxious all the time and felt less of a man because she would not submit to him and his desires. He wanted her to abort or miscarry and get a divorce, but knew that she wouldn’t do it at the point he made the decision in his mind and he was worried about child support and alimony. Chris only acted as if Nickole had what he wanted in a relationship, the truth was he never wanted one and the same thing or something similiar would’ve happened to her when he was bored of her too. He has no remorse and no will to change his ways. It turns out his plan wasn’t as good as he thought. He let her go to North Carolina under the presumption that they would work it out in the end, but he was already celebrating and starting his new life without her, even spending money on someone else and taking money away from her and the children. He acted fine and content with his life but no one could have known how much of a manipulator he was. He seemed happy in his life and he did things when Shanann would get all up in her feelings and thought his storming out or anger would be justified because of her behavior. Then he would go cheat and she would not be able to say anything because they fought so that’s why he must have left the house. When Chris said he wanted a divorce, she said she would be moving and if he didn’t give her everything she wanted he couldn’t talk to them or see them. He thought he was in the right to take power into his own hands with the execution of the ending. She didn’t want to fight, she just wanted to go to sleep. She didn’t really want to divorce, she wanted things to slow down so they could figure it out. He didn’t want the drama, he wanted to just make himself happy. The truth was it was everything he wanted but he couldn’t get a grip on his feelings with Shanann. He felt he was not good enough of a man for her and his kids, a loser, a deviant controlling tyrant. He wanted to be fair, but lust got in the way and then when Nickole spoke of the success they would have once they were together enamored him. Being emotionally immature was his downfall, as Nickole was an even bigger manipulator than he was. He was burdened between having to hurt the family or lose Nickole. He didn’t want to make the decision so soon. Nickole got in his head about how Shanann is just trying to keep him stuck in life and will never truly fulfill him or give him what he wants long term. She made him choose between a happy new beginning with her or a long miserable marriage without her on the side. He was anxious over the issue. He was not happy with how insecure Nickole was acting by putting him in this position, but he really liked the things she did for him in bed and was not willing to give it up. He wished that he said it sooner that he lost feelings for Shanann before it got to this point but now that the threat was on the table he couldn’t be strong enough to face Shanann and deal with the financial sacrifices it would take to make it all work out the right way. He never saw himself able to get out of the debt they already were in, so it didn’t matter anyways to him at that point.

You can’t give someone else the power over how you see yourself, feel yourself, or your prosperity, peace, and abundance. If you are not in control of your emotions and things don’t seem fair, ask yourself is this too much of a burden on you? Are your feelings and efforts being reciprocated? Are you happy and feel like you’re winning in life, or do you feel like it’s a failure and a drain? Ask God to deliver you from this energy and to make things how they ought to be. Be happy on your own, don’t be codependent on someone else and expect them to be your rock and savior. You will be disappointed. Do what makes you happy, if that doesn’t make someone else happy tell them they need to come correct or you need to move on. If you pull back and see that you feel better off without them, then you know that it’s not right for you. If it hurts you more than it makes you happy, it’s not right for you. If you’re committed to yourself you will do the things it takes to make yourself be in a positive mindset and place and you will not let someone stand inbetween you and your life’s works. Make the decision that times where someone rude tells you what to do is over. You don’t need anything from them, cause everything you need you can get yourself. Put yourself first, do not be a doormat. Not for a family member, a friend, a partner, or a company.

First Week of November 2018 Guidance Message

This is a collective intuitive channeled message and tarot energy reading. Take what resonates for you and apply as it fits in your life. 


You go through the hard times so you can appreciate them when they’re good. You struggle so later you’re better prepared when it really matters for you or for someone else you come across. Speaking of someone else, you can learn lessons from them if you can hear them out about their experiences rather than you having to go through it yourself first. Everything happens for a reason. It’s not about where you been or where you are but where you’re going. Look back then till now, see how far you’ve come? Now imagine the changes that are before you if you act now. If things haven’t changed much, then this is your wake up call too. It’s your perception how you take things. Think about alternative ways to respond to people rather than react. This will be a good first step into seeing changes you would prefer. When you’re getting close to giving up hope, or when things finally work out for you, lean on your faith and thank the lord for what you have been blessed with. An awareness to how your primal energy is being used may be needed at this time. Refrain from excessive pleasure of the body to strengthen the spirituality in you. Use that energy to progress yourself forward. If anything is of superficial nature or a substitution for a real thing, that will drain you. You need a beneficial reciprocation in anything for it to be a good and healthy bond. If not, you are depleting and cheating yourself and your partner if you have one of good life force that can be used to create progression in your life. There are more productive things to use that energy for, like manifesting what you want in your life. “Once a ________ always a ________” statements like this aren’t true. People can change for the better. Yes, even yourself. Commitment is here if you’d just stop trying to relive the past over and over long enough to see that they’ve been there waiting for you. You’ll get news of an unfortunate event but will be compensated for it. This has been a long time coming. Even if it doesn’t feel right be sure to stay where you’re at for this time. This will bring in the new offer if you’re silent and still there. It’s not that you want to go, but you are tired of feeling mistreatment and misunderstood. You deserve more and expect more and the truth is you can have whatever you want so why should you put up with it? You’re getting over the fact that they seem unhappy with you no matter what you do and you’re over it because you can get that anywhere. Do not join in the negative mindset. It’s a sad story but your life has been hard enough without all this in it. Those times in your life are over. Now it’s about doing things right. Committing to yourself and your faith remembering you will always be protected and the blessing is waiting for you to let go of what isn’t good for you so it can be gifted to you. If something upsetting from the past returns handle it with a wiser stand point than before. You have everything on your side waiting for you to allow yourself to move forward in your life. You know internally what to do in those moments of peace and silence. Listen.

End of October 2018 Tarotscope

Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. You have a full natal chart, and energies can be switched. Apply it how it fits for you. This is a general, not personal reading. 



Wean yourself if it’s too much at first. Let go of being upset that someone else took care of them self better than you could. The only thing to worry about now is healing yourself. The rest will follow after seeing you’re serious. It’s okay to be happier on your own. No one would blame you. But if you wanted to try again a tip is knowing this person just needs to hear that they weren’t a burden on you. You know you can’t offer them anything legitimate unless you’ve taken care of yourself first. You have to give this person time to grieve the fact that you’ve been selfish. There’s no new drama, they just are keeping their boundaries firm and keeping to themselves.



Have you imagined the loss of your closest person? The reason they think that they’re a burden is because their parents weren’t there like they should’ve been and they feel like there must be something wrong with them. So just express to them how they’re not too much for you. Keeping yourself balanced helps with ignoring external proposals that you don’t want. You have come too far to do some dumb selfish shit. You see how far they’ve come too, and don’t want them to have to start over either. You know they’re who you want you just want to be able to start your new slate clean and fresh. You can have what you want but you just need to be good with this one person or let them go. They were there when no one else was, and you still want them after you’ve gotten more success. Even when things aren’t great they find a way to make it good for you. Make sure to be grateful and caring in return and not abuse your power in the situation over them.



Before someone can be a life guard they are required to meet certain standards and be certified in emergency protocols. Also how can you save anyone if you aren’t saving yourself first? Stop being controlling hoping it’ll help you not lose things. If it’s meant to be out of your life it will be replaced with something else. The inability to accept love is emotional immaturity due to someone else saying you weren’t enough and others are better than you. You are choosing to give that person your own power when you agree to the idea of them finding someone better than you. Get to the point where if someone threatens to leave or say you deserve something less than your worth you won’t hesitate to call their bluff and walk away. It’s not that you don’t love them, it’s that you deserve to be happy and respected, end of story. You might have issues to no fault of your own, and happy or not, it’s only fair you give yourself a break to get back on your feet when you need it. Always working away because someone told you you had to doesn’t mean it’s the Law. You’re the boss of your own life. Not anybody else. If something makes you happy and feel full of purpose the money doesn’t need to be a concern it will follow with time. Quit giving time to things that aren’t good for you and start going after what it is you want to accomplish while you’re here.



Anyone can be a magician or an evil sorcerer. Just depends how much dedication you apply to your studying and your practice. Also the mindset you choose to carry with your set of skills plays a part in your delivery and reception to your show. Don’t compare yourself to others you find naturally more talented at something than you either because attendance and effort reward eternally with experience. Some naturally with it will never appreciate their gift or be willing to share it with others. You do you. You are the one who needs to tame your emotional beast. No one else can do that for you. You can’t be manipulated by others if you’re “manipulating” yourself already. Anything that makes it harder on your emotions you need to deal with it. Others may be warning your partner to find someone else because of your emotional bullshit. Faith and working on your crafts and skills will bring you out of your anxiety and stress while benefiting you vs. the crap you know won’t. If unfortunately someone from your past who treated you like there was something out there better for them than you comes around don’t give it a second chance. You are over the drama and want to focus on yourself, not them. You don’t need dishonest, unbalanced, manipulative people in your life anymore. That also means you gotta stop your own mind games you play yourself too, right? Cause you ain’t a hypocrite.



Say what it is you want said to you. Teal. Communication with the point to reach calmness and clarity. Lavender. Sometimes you have to wait to find how long “forever” will last with something. This waiting time is sacred and precious. It’s time you can better yourself with in preparation for the next stage. How you choose to use it is yours, but in this lifetime it’s time you will never get back. Use it with wise discretion. Dried Rose. You desire to keep the classic idea of romance, love, and beauty as your foundation to all things in your life you build upon. You also encourage and influence others to do the same in their own life. You could have the happiness you want if you focus on what you can do that’s good for you and not waste your time on things that are not. The choice is yours whether to keep things going or not. There’s no better time than now and your emotions are the only thing in your way.

August 2018 Mid Month Tarotscope All Elements

Some of these may not resonate with everyone. Take what works and apply it to your situation. They’re general readings. Thank you 🙂



You feel stuck but are forgetting that you also are greedy and don’t want to commit but want to have your cake and eat it too. How’s that working out for you? It’d work out better for you if you’d just become grateful of what you currently have without comparing it to you r past or others now. You think it’s passion but all it really is is a way to screw yourself. You think you owe something to someone and you need to realize it’s an issue you’ve not resolved telling you that, not that it’s the truth. You will be more successful to be your own boss instead of bossing around others. You are stuck till you learn your lesson.


You can see how much better it is without drama and unnecessary bullshit in your life now. You feel confused at times about a situation or person because you’re not used to this personality but that’s because they are good on their own and they don’t need to deal with it. Try to make your offers without being immature it will work much better for you. You feel happy but might worry if it’s fake. The person who you really need to question isn’t the person who’s been right all along it’s the fraudulent party and yourself. They’re the ones who left you out in the cold and tried to manipulate your partner. Leave what didn’t work in the past and continue forward because you’ve won! You also are getting out of your own way and committing to something and dropping your guard so you can stop worrying if it’ll have all been for a waste or not investing into it.


Congrats! You had options! Feel lucky? You don’t want this couple happy and are wanting to offer money if they break up. You not quitting your bad habits is what is becoming a huge burden to yourself and those around you. All you do is lie. You pretend like you will offer someone the world and you are just unfair at the end of the day. You wish you could go back to the past and have stopped this somehow but the issue is they already saw it coming from a mile away. You can’t offer anything when you can’t decide if you even want to talk to these people or not. Is having fun more important to you than the investments you’ve put effort into? What you think was a granted wish might just have been someone trying to control you and live off of your successes. Stay alert and be happy with yourself regardless if that relationship is working out for you or not.


Some peole dindn’t want you to succeed or be around because it was a problem for them, not that you are a problem. You were feeling not so hot but you’re coming out of feeling broke and unstable and things will be turning around for you because of your hopeful efforts and faith. Forget what you -were- about and -were- working on. What makes you feel happy now? Don’t let naysayers affect you and your decisions. Don’t worry about all the “what if’s?” in your life anymore. You are beautiful and a smart person and have the ability to control your emotions and improve your life. It’s immature at this point to not do that. Whatever is bothering you and conflicting you so much, find a way to make it a positive. When you’re in charge of yourself and you have mastered your emotions you have a commanding power that cannot be argued with easily. Take charge of your own happiness. It’s taking alot out of you to trust that there’s a commitment and support for you here, but you have to also realize your sense of judgement may be affected to a degree due to a disorder or past trauma. You will be much more at peace and successful if you stop trying to always argue with people who -want- to offer you something. That’s a huge indication of your low self worth issues. Put yourself out there and find the support you need or create that space for yourself. You don’t need to be or do anything extra than be who you are authentically to be deserving of a happy life. To think anything different is a negative thought your mind’s anxiety is trying to create to distract you from progressing further past it. It’s not fair to you or your partner to keep letting those thoughts control you. It’s time for a new life, because the one you were in was not making you happy. Realize you’re not a bad person, and you are worth looking towards the future and be able to make commitments to your dreams without feeling like you’re bullshitting yourself about it. What you wish for is -right- there, if you could just stop griping about what didn’t work in your past before to realize you can use all of your blessings to get what you want and that that’s okay! It’s better to be the real you vs manipulating others always. Sometimes, it’s for the best of everyone around! You might even find out that you’re not that bad after all, despite what those in the past may have had you believing.

July 2018 Mid Month Tarotscope All Elements


These are general tarot readings for each element and are not personal, therefore, some of the messages may or may not resonate. Please take what does, and leave behind what isn’t meant for you 




In the past you entertained the many options you were surrounding yourself with and acting independently. The investment you had put in wasn’t paying off for you the way you would’ve preferred but addictions played a part in this heart break. Nothing was happening so someone moved on. Where you once felt secure and confident a decision was made with better judgement and a relationship was cut off and finished. Now is the time to go within and find out slowly but surely who you are and what you are all about. What controls and sways your emotions and how to get them in check. You’ve been upset over being blocked by someone and you hope by chance they fail so you can come in to save the day. They’re entirely too happy with who they’re with right now to even see you and what you’re attempting. You don’t want them to have a successful happy new beginning without you. You want to stay stuck in a never ending tug of war with them. They’ve been patient with you long enough. They’ve turned their cheek to you too many times. They aren’t dealing with anyone’s bullshit and they’re being successful. They’re not dealing with drama, immaturity, only those who are committed to serving and helping them grow and achieve their goals. Make a decision to be happy yourself and turn a new leaf with less fighting and more recovering/rehabilitating.



You’re walking away from the independent mindset and slowing things down being happy with one choice. You can see victory with them but know you can’t approach them with immaturity or lies. You will be rewarded for starting a new chapter with them.  Success is here in this partnership but someone needs help with anxieties over disruption at work and home. You are advised to remember during times of struggle what’s been invested and why and hold onto that. You will find so much out about yourself and receive happiness and abundance after you work with this person to be strong and grow by learning how to drop the baggage you never should’ve been carrying in the first place. You think being a manipulator and having options will make you happy and secure but all it’s going to do is ruin everything you’ve been building towards. Commitment is the way. You’re not listening to your intuition which is telling you what to offer and to who. This person who seems cold and blunt is dealing with heartbreaks and disappointments from the past. They want to be happy and trust you and not worry of situations from their past repeating. They know they’re in their head. They need to feel confident and empowered and like they rule their own part of the world because of their fears. Go within and ask yourself why you feel remorseful and stuck. Why you’re impatient yet can’t offer a stable relationship yourself? You want a happy union? Stop being an aloof asshole and be fair. Realize the relationship won’t last if it’s not stable because they’ll feel your dishonesty. You don’t want to make offers to anyone, but you don’t want to move forward. you don’t want a new beginning, but you don’t want to be contained. You can’t see if you’re better off working on this or moving on. All you can see is independence. Careful what you wish for you just might get it.



You’ve been offering nothing but drama, immaturity, and instability to a home or not thinking of others in your home enough. You need to come out of this and find a way to be happy without addictions. Don’t offer anything to anyone until you’ve dealt with your burdens and got out of the things you let mentally affect you. You think there’s someone who is cold and blunt kicking you out onto the curb and this is causing you alot of anxiety. You can’t see how this partnership outside of you is working but you feel like one of them is manipulative and a liar. They’re generous and stable with one another and because of your insecurities about yourself quickly changing for the better you’re getting in the way of that cycle closing out for them. You think by one person not going yet that this puts you at an advantage and you’re committed to not going soon but you’re procrastination is keeping you stuck and better opportunities await you. Two of you will leave regardless of what you feel you invested. The whole world is out there waiting for you. Happiness is a choice and by viewing these situations as bad luck instead of an opportunity to build self confidence and utilize your own power to take control of your life and get control of your emotions back you’re keeping yourself idle and stale. Stop the conflict before you get a taste of something you really don’t want. Your past does bring karma your way eventually so be mindful of whether you’re manifesting or manipulating. If you can find the inner strength to be happy about your new beginning without this person who you had to offer money to you will soon see this wouldn’t have been a fair or beneficial situation for you anyways. You’re getting news of stability and balance being offered to you. You’re not paying what you should because you are spiteful towards someone you blame this issue on. What you are unwilling to see is what you were partaking in was bad and not good for the group setting you were in. When you can let it go your own home life and relationship will improve. If they can do it , you can too. This person is helping to force you to take the first step towards being in charge of your own life. You can’t make valid offers till you’re not having issues anymore with addictions, and not until you can be grateful for the things you already have.



Someone is trying to offer you news of something and you just don’t care. At one point you would’ve but that was a long time ago and you’ve had plenty of time to reflect back on the situation and realized just how unfair and bad it really was and you’re done with people like that for good. You can have a happy new chapter in life if you can let the anxieties go that others put on you. Don’t be heartbroken and feel crummy about yourself. Instead take all those emotions and turn them into a gold to bond the broken pieces of yourself back together. (Think Chinese repairing broken dishware) You have been through so much crazy stuff you have a ton of content to work with. Someone close to you may not feel their best but they are very happy to be with you and happy to be coming out of the rough time in their life and they want to make you an offer. In the past they never wanted to fight but they couldn’t see at the time that that didn’t mean commitment. It was just immaturity. You realize you need shake ups sometimes to turn things around to save a relationship. You know you met them by chance but it wasn’t for no reason. You need to drop your burdens and get out of your head and be happy…you made it! You see the bigger picture when it comes to your partner and someone else they cared about. In the end they’ll see what you were trying to tell them. You could offer more and be happier if you stopped worrying about your relationship so much and used that energy for your own life and the new things you want to do for yourself. You can manifest what you want where you are right now. It can be whatever you want and you’d be content and not trying to control everything if you realized they’re not always trying to attack you. Sometimes they just don’t feel the greatest and just don’t want to do things. Not a reflection of you and the partnership or how they feel about you. Instead focus on what you like and what makes you happy, don’t be unfair about it but it’s okay to be a little reserved if that is what will boost your mood and ground yourself. The truth is you’ve got a huge disadvantage when you’re being guarded with who you are. Quickly you will hear about how people aren’t contacting you to say they want to offer you anything, but to praise you on who you are and how it’s helped them in some kind of way just by being you.

Half Birthday Check Point

It’s my half birthday! What have I learned in the last 6 months?

Drop the toxic people. No, really. I don’t care who you think they are to you to them you’re just a source for them to drain off of till you’re empty and dry and then you will be discarded like the trash they valued you as.

You can’t be a hypocrite and have people take you seriously.

If you fucked me over once I’m not in the wrong to be paranoid of you for the rest of any times we interact in the future.

If I get a bad feeling, I No longer question it.

Only by having hope and faith will the law of attraction work in your favor.

I deserve whatever I think I deserve and I No longer carry the past burdens others wanted me to carry for them because those are theirs not mine.

The truth is the only way to progress.

Pain is inevitable but necessary for healing anything wounded or ailed.

People tell on themselves through projection.

I still don’t need any of this material shit the media and society tries to tell me I need.

I am blessed to have everything I have and I know that this is because when you do what’s right and you be the best you can be regardless of the tools you are given then you will always be good and have good things come to you.

It can seem like it’s always going to be a struggle but also make sure that that’s not just your perception being tainted by neglect/abuse from your support system or even yourself.

Try your best to choose peace and optimism because life here is short and not worth wasting it on things or people who aren’t serving your highest good and purpose.

Empathy : Strength :: Apathy : Purgatory

Beginning to Mid Month July 2018 Tarotscope


These are general tarot readings for each element and are not personal, therefore, some of the messages may or may not resonate. Please take what does, and leave behind what isn’t meant for you 




Beginning to Mid – July 2018 Beginning to Mid – July 2018

What may seem like unfortunate timing for something may actually be the best for the situation. It moves you forward and helps ease some of the conflicts you were having before. The realization hits you that your addictions are what are creating you instability and unhappiness at home.  You’re being offered an opportunity to put your addictions down but it upsets you because this seems to be the only thing that brings you happiness. You need to know that it’s a huge drain on your resources and keeps you stuck in a cycle. You may feel unable to do all the things that need to be done to fulfill someone and make things right with them. You feel guarded from the one you long for but aren’t feeling close to. Someone doesn’t feel secure anymore so they go to the grapevine to inform someone of their burden.  You think money is all that matters right now and you need to get out of that naive/greedy mentality. You are up at night and worrying during the day over the person who’s time you wasted. In the future a happy and stable home is possible. A new beginning is unblocked when a commitment to security was made over the unstable system that was once intact. you are lying to yourself and keeping yourself stuck if you think you don’t have addictions. You can see being happy where you are after you are away from certain people.  For a happy relationship of any kind, you must be working on self stability and not being petty or weak.

You feel disadvantaged due to someone picking relationships over what you had together. However they don’t even value those relationships either so is that really someone you want around anyways? This wasn’t fulfilling you and you decided you didn’t want to be anxious over it anymore. You feel jilted by someone throwing away a long term investment over something trivial in comparison to other things you’ve been through. You took the time to listen to someone who is decisive, about no bullshit, reliable, and fair. They said the unstable people ought to go if a new cycle is to start. The old ways of excessive indulgences is no longer because things weren’t being handled correctly.  You are being guarded from your partner even though you are looking at them positively. You’re worried that the new beginning will turn into a regret. In the past you’ve been rejected and left behind but seeing things the same way now isn’t the right judgement call. Offer more than just sex and secrets. If you don’t want fights or distance learn patience with them overcoming their burdens that they carry. Commitment is here they just don’t see that it’s real yet. They’re still waiting for it to go bad. Things will change now. The situation was seen negative but be strong and know that wasn’t going to be a stable foundation to build a future on anyways. Now you can see who’s really there for you and who isn’t. Happiness in the home will come when things move forward with changes.  Someone has tried starting a rumor that your money is being spent elsewhere. Luckily the person who matters knows the truth about why it seems like there’s not alot of money.

Someone saw that you weren’t bringing stability and peace to a home and said enough with the drama and drugs. You and this other person think the reason you are going is because of an evil lying person who fakes being sick or disordered. When you can put down your burden of addictions though then you will see that your addictions stood in the way of you joining in the new beginning. You didn’t add value of peace to the home and they didn’t want you to leave but no one felt good with you there anymore…selfish and with your head up your ass. This person doesn’t tolerate bullshit and advised that immaturity doesn’t offer opportunity or stability. You think you can convince them that this can work out but your efforts would be better spent working on yourself and what you can do to make yourself happy elsewhere. The truth is you were arrogant and wrong to act the way you did. You don’t even have enough to start a new beginning yet instead of being independent you chose relationship/sex and it’s led you to this. Any offers against this commitment won’t work like they did in the past. They’re happier now being strong and not doing things that would jeopardize their relationship. The world is waiting to offer you something good if you’d put down your vices and get out of your negative head space.  Let go of your addictions, be happy. Even if you don’t know where you’re going know that if you aren’t guarded things will happen for you.

You’re moving on from people who make you anxious. You are prioritizing stability and balance. Someone will block you and that is because they’re weak but by them starting this shift now things are coming out that show how much of an enemy they are. Some may not want to let it go but give them time they’ll get over it. Just make sure they don’t turn to vices to cope, including watching yourself. You saw no happy home here if the past kept continuing. You offered your stability and reliability to accommodate them if they helped you with this.  Know you make them happy and that you helped them see that these people weren’t worth anymore investment. They see you’re not about the bullshit and can offer things instead of being stuck doing the same things. They are paranoid of people right now and so they’re trying to put you in the same self sabotaging mentality. You don’t want more conflict but you aren’t sure if you want to keep offering if it turns out what others are saying is true about your partner you are ready to move on if you need to.  A new beginning seems burdensome and like it’s unfairly taking forever to happen but you know you need to be in control of your emotions to deal with them not being able to handle theirs at this moment. Nothing is going on but you feel guarded in relationships and like you always need to be on the defense. You struggle with feeling secure and mature enough for a relationship right now. You know this disorder/issue you are struggling with makes relationships difficult at times. You’ll be happy letting them be them and letting go of worrying about their habits and issues. Do you while still doing what’s right for the commitment. You can come out of your shell and be happy and in love. When people leave that’s when the unhappiness and lying and drama stops. That’s when worrying about what’s yours and secure and stable ends. Don’t offer shit if you aren’t feeling abundant enough or like it’ll would be reciprocated. Don’t offer anything to those who think they can overpower you or take advantage of you. Move past those who are miserable and insecure. Soon your anxiety will cease and you’ll be balanced again and at peace.

Big Brother 20 Live Feed Recap

10pm-11pm PST : July 2nd, 2018

Swaggy & Bay are in the hammock talking about how they’re better than the other houseguests. Bed sharing is also being talked about.

In the house, JC, Kaycee, Angela, Rachel, and Winston are hanging out. They talk about bed sharing, DR being more controlling than previous years, and how someone was trying to thaw frozen fish on the counter over night and still attempt to eat it the next day like an idiot.

Bay is giving Swaggy a moral lecture on his appropriateness with discussing his sex life. They turn the conversationto complaining about people not cleaning after themselves.

The other group doesn’t believe Sam has the power. Kaitlyn complains alot about eating slop. As a life guide I would say maybe she could try to see the silver lining and just be happy she has food at all, but that’s just me.

Swaggy suddenly is tryna holla at America, and his top number one point to make before anything else is that Bay was his “sis” but now he’s kissing her. I’m guessing we could assume then that within a week from now we’ll have heard one of them say she’s his sister like from Joe Dirt but who knows. Neither one seem to be able to process the concept that people don’t like them in any way.

I got bored though and now I’m tired, goodnight!

Tarotscope Mid June 2018


These are general tarot readings for each element and are not personal, therefore, some of the messages may or may not resonate. Please take what does, and leave behind what isn’t meant for you 




It’d pay you well to go within yourself and stop doing the things you know are not right. You’re at a disadvantage with the relationship you want to pursue because they see you as an enemy. They see you as someone who is emotionally manipulative and can’t offer real commitment to them. You can’t be a control freak and expect to have the type of partner you also want. There has to be compromise. If you want to be able to do the things you want, you’re going to have to be okay with them doing the same things. Things weren’t fair before with this person because you were happier not have a new beginning and acting guarded. You wanted it to stay where it was because you knew that when it would go forward the truth would cause it to stop. They didn’t want the drama so they moved forward instead of moping about it because they knew they are better off. They are able to fulfill themselves emotionally now. A new beginning can’t start till you finalize a separation with someone from the past. Addictions, trials, and third party situations plague this repeated heart breaking cycle. You don’t take accountability for your own actions and actually do anything about it so until you do you can’t end your cycle to move forward. In the past you may have been unhappy with the results you were seeing but soon you realize there’s something to be gained from this. When you realize the lessons you gained and how it improved your work and your character you can’t lay down the burdens of the opportunities that were missed and move forward.


A new beginning couldn’t start quickly because the community kept creating anxious thoughts every time they saw someone was getting out of anxiety. They gained control of their thoughts again and are trying for the new beginning. They are offering abundance and happiness from here on out. They don’t like conflict and drama or fighting. They understand how to defend themselves and others though when they feel things are unfair because of controlling people they’ve dealt with before. No one is trying to leave or move. Strength needs to be used to get balance during this time. Offer yourself more. You’ve been trying to seem like it’s all together but things haven’t been as honest as they should be. These issues need to be ended if you want to have a future with this person. You can’t blame them for how they feel in regards to this when things are not honest and that’s what they were worried of in the first place. You want someone to believe that you just have extra love to give but they aren’t falling for it. Your options game is not going to continue. Stop talking to or about things/people from the past who didn’t work out or do anything for you. Good fortune follows you when you focus on happiness in your relationship and not what others think about you two.


When you make the decision to turn down the things which keep you chained to an unhappy lifestyle, feeling, or situation, that’s when success will take off. The work you put in is not at it’s full potential because you’re not as present as you need to be. You let your doubts cloud your judgement as well. You can’t have a new beginning if you keep choosing to argue or shut down. Focus on controlling your words and actions more when you are in a mood. It’s not being fake to have a filter. It’s coming off like a nice guy instead of a douche. When you have the strength to tame yourself and not be dramatic or instigate that’s when a new phase can begin. You want to move and you feel stuck but that’s because you’re in your head upset about having to do things. Offer to help people instead of thinking they should just be discarded and replaced. You feel happier when you’re independent enough to control yourself and can still help them go through their flashbacks. You get fulfillment from one another and you want to see it pay off. Be careful to not indulge too much in things you know aren’t good for you. For success in your relationships you need to practice optimism and balance yourself out. You haven’t been fair in the past and now you are seeming to be a jerk. It’s a decision how you treat yourself and others.


You’re stuck unable to accept an offer because you were not forgetting about the things some abusive controlling person used to say. When you stop believing things that someone who just wanted to inflict pain on you says you can start focusing on your goals again. Make the decision to transform pain into beauty to create abundance. You will be happy being in your relationship when you put your burdens down and see the world without a jaded view. Be you, and the fights will lessen in intensity and consistency. You are so committed to the idea that things will go wrong you have built up a negative energy momentum in your life. Try changing your perception on reality despite your feelings. When you stop being petty and you start being vulnerable things will move quickly for you. You think you can’t get anywhere because you’re being greedy by not allowing yourself success. You’re unhappy doing things that don’t feel right to you so do the things that make you happy and feel right to you. The way to your happiness and ultimate power is by listening to your intuition and following it. Quickly you will realize all the things you thought you couldn’t see have been right there all along. You see now how much you have to offer, even if it took you a while to see it. You have enough behind you now though that you feel content and confident in who you are. You feel more balanced and like you can go out there feeling victorious. That through all that adversity you can still come out of it and people tried their hardest to stop you, the still couldn’t. Remember your power. Remember you’re a bad ass.