End of August to Beginning of September 2018 Tarotscope All Elements


You can’t expect others to give you what you want if you don’t even know that yourself. You may quit something that others would view as sad or hard to let go of but you actually wanted this because you want to focus elsewhere. Someone feels better off due to nothing being shown for the time invested and feeling like all the arguing is due to someone offering things to someone outside of the union. They’re not going to do anything though because they feel like you should be the one who comes out and says what ever it is that you need to say. You can’t make offers when you’re not stable. You can’t progress in life much if you’re not stable and you know you’ve been partaking in something toxic and/or addictive that confuses your judgement and rationalization skills. Everyone else can’t always be the enemy. Look at what you are giving your power to. Find the confidence, strength, and compassion to offer the world your Best Self once again. You deserve happiness too, karma can be cleared. Now is the time to be a balanced new you.


You could be really happy but you choose to be a way that makes this other person suffer from major anxiety instead. You don’t properly show them security and affection. Someone is going to feel left out or leave if they keep feeling like you’re incapable of being committed and being emotional or have the ability to atleast self reflect. This doesn’t make for a happy home and they are tired of dealing with the bullshit. You have been known to be manipulative and sneaky, when two people tried to say something they got cut out for it, and nothing can seem to stick long in your life. Who’s fault is that? You are anxious because you think you are better off on your own but the right thing to do in this situation is not go out and spend your time and money with others but better spent on yourself and closest ones to you, putting down some bad habits, and investing more into your personal interests and relationships. When has lying ever worked for you long term? Or made you happy? Maybe you only feel this way because you’re too busy comparing things or people you shouldn’t be. You know in your heart that with a little more love and support you can see that would allow the other person to bloom fully into them self through what they have with you in the relationship. Offer them no manipulation, no anxiety, and alot of happiness, and you know it’ll turn out better than you had wished for. Be open with your feelings and take the lesson with the blessing and go forward with healing and then you can grow and be stronger.


You can have more options, stop giving so much to someone who doesn’t place you first in their life. The truth is deep down you know this investment hasn’t been fulfilling but you can turn the situation around 180 if you stop caring about what others say and think about what you do. You’re happy going “nowhere” but others may view you negatively for that but that’s because they’re insecure within themselves not being able to feel validated and secure at a contentment level border-lining “mediocre” in society’s standards. You want a renewal in your life with something or someone that you’re passionate about and a commitment you are coming out about how you feel about them. Someone maybe doesn’t want to fight about how they don’t feel you’re really there for them the same because they think it’s them just being insecure. They are doing what they can to deal with all that you’ve put them through, because you were selfish and not balanced. Now you are and you want to do what’s right. Things are alot happier when you boost their confidence. If you’re really paranoid, make sure you’re not under some influence. Also make sure you’re not being too idle because that can create bad manifestation as well.


This is what you’ve been wishing for. Just gotta work a little bit longer at it. If you need to be a little more reserved to feel better just explain why you are doing so. Recently you said how you felt about a situation and things have been adjusting around your preferences. You have what you’ve been hoping for but haven’t been able to feel the success of reaching this point yet. You can’t see it but out of nowhere you’re going to be receiving something good that’ll make you happier. You are so upset over what’s happened that you haven’t stopped to see all the inner work this other person has been doing. You’re beyond ripe for creating something huge and wonderful. You’re anxious and can’t sleep because you feel ugly, tainted, and worthless. You have to know and remember you are radiantly attractive, abundant, creative, caring, and you got this. You don’t see yet how much blessing is waiting for you in this union. You are strong it’s okay to be vulnerable and happy at the same time. You are caring more about what selfish miserable people have said and think you deserve shit and for someone who doesn’t put up with other people’s bullshit that’s some bullshit right there telling yourself that. So quit creating drama and unhappiness if you want to feel content. In the past they may not have offered much but that’s changing now, so get ready. There was something you set out to do before but things happened which made it become another burden for you to carry. Especially when you are remembering when others would tell you your life has been hard because that’s what you’ve deserved. You deserve to be happy and if a relationship isn’t doing it for you you’re not going not stay stuck. You don’t need to be controlled while they’re doing whatever they want. Take back your power and regain balance. You’ll be happy alone if they can’t get right because that’s not at all what you wanted when you got with them and there’s no second chances if they don’t try to make it up right away. It’s not worth it to be treated that way. Something may make you want to explode but it may be better to just get out for a bit. Understand others may not see you for who you really are but they do try to be fair and give you your independence but also try to care for you at the same time. It might look questionable or shady to others, but who really cares its about you and them at the end of the day.


Beginning to Mid Month July 2018 Tarotscope


These are general tarot readings for each element and are not personal, therefore, some of the messages may or may not resonate. Please take what does, and leave behind what isn’t meant for you 




Beginning to Mid – July 2018 Beginning to Mid – July 2018

What may seem like unfortunate timing for something may actually be the best for the situation. It moves you forward and helps ease some of the conflicts you were having before. The realization hits you that your addictions are what are creating you instability and unhappiness at home.  You’re being offered an opportunity to put your addictions down but it upsets you because this seems to be the only thing that brings you happiness. You need to know that it’s a huge drain on your resources and keeps you stuck in a cycle. You may feel unable to do all the things that need to be done to fulfill someone and make things right with them. You feel guarded from the one you long for but aren’t feeling close to. Someone doesn’t feel secure anymore so they go to the grapevine to inform someone of their burden.  You think money is all that matters right now and you need to get out of that naive/greedy mentality. You are up at night and worrying during the day over the person who’s time you wasted. In the future a happy and stable home is possible. A new beginning is unblocked when a commitment to security was made over the unstable system that was once intact. you are lying to yourself and keeping yourself stuck if you think you don’t have addictions. You can see being happy where you are after you are away from certain people.  For a happy relationship of any kind, you must be working on self stability and not being petty or weak.

You feel disadvantaged due to someone picking relationships over what you had together. However they don’t even value those relationships either so is that really someone you want around anyways? This wasn’t fulfilling you and you decided you didn’t want to be anxious over it anymore. You feel jilted by someone throwing away a long term investment over something trivial in comparison to other things you’ve been through. You took the time to listen to someone who is decisive, about no bullshit, reliable, and fair. They said the unstable people ought to go if a new cycle is to start. The old ways of excessive indulgences is no longer because things weren’t being handled correctly.  You are being guarded from your partner even though you are looking at them positively. You’re worried that the new beginning will turn into a regret. In the past you’ve been rejected and left behind but seeing things the same way now isn’t the right judgement call. Offer more than just sex and secrets. If you don’t want fights or distance learn patience with them overcoming their burdens that they carry. Commitment is here they just don’t see that it’s real yet. They’re still waiting for it to go bad. Things will change now. The situation was seen negative but be strong and know that wasn’t going to be a stable foundation to build a future on anyways. Now you can see who’s really there for you and who isn’t. Happiness in the home will come when things move forward with changes.  Someone has tried starting a rumor that your money is being spent elsewhere. Luckily the person who matters knows the truth about why it seems like there’s not alot of money.

Someone saw that you weren’t bringing stability and peace to a home and said enough with the drama and drugs. You and this other person think the reason you are going is because of an evil lying person who fakes being sick or disordered. When you can put down your burden of addictions though then you will see that your addictions stood in the way of you joining in the new beginning. You didn’t add value of peace to the home and they didn’t want you to leave but no one felt good with you there anymore…selfish and with your head up your ass. This person doesn’t tolerate bullshit and advised that immaturity doesn’t offer opportunity or stability. You think you can convince them that this can work out but your efforts would be better spent working on yourself and what you can do to make yourself happy elsewhere. The truth is you were arrogant and wrong to act the way you did. You don’t even have enough to start a new beginning yet instead of being independent you chose relationship/sex and it’s led you to this. Any offers against this commitment won’t work like they did in the past. They’re happier now being strong and not doing things that would jeopardize their relationship. The world is waiting to offer you something good if you’d put down your vices and get out of your negative head space.  Let go of your addictions, be happy. Even if you don’t know where you’re going know that if you aren’t guarded things will happen for you.

You’re moving on from people who make you anxious. You are prioritizing stability and balance. Someone will block you and that is because they’re weak but by them starting this shift now things are coming out that show how much of an enemy they are. Some may not want to let it go but give them time they’ll get over it. Just make sure they don’t turn to vices to cope, including watching yourself. You saw no happy home here if the past kept continuing. You offered your stability and reliability to accommodate them if they helped you with this.  Know you make them happy and that you helped them see that these people weren’t worth anymore investment. They see you’re not about the bullshit and can offer things instead of being stuck doing the same things. They are paranoid of people right now and so they’re trying to put you in the same self sabotaging mentality. You don’t want more conflict but you aren’t sure if you want to keep offering if it turns out what others are saying is true about your partner you are ready to move on if you need to.  A new beginning seems burdensome and like it’s unfairly taking forever to happen but you know you need to be in control of your emotions to deal with them not being able to handle theirs at this moment. Nothing is going on but you feel guarded in relationships and like you always need to be on the defense. You struggle with feeling secure and mature enough for a relationship right now. You know this disorder/issue you are struggling with makes relationships difficult at times. You’ll be happy letting them be them and letting go of worrying about their habits and issues. Do you while still doing what’s right for the commitment. You can come out of your shell and be happy and in love. When people leave that’s when the unhappiness and lying and drama stops. That’s when worrying about what’s yours and secure and stable ends. Don’t offer shit if you aren’t feeling abundant enough or like it’ll would be reciprocated. Don’t offer anything to those who think they can overpower you or take advantage of you. Move past those who are miserable and insecure. Soon your anxiety will cease and you’ll be balanced again and at peace.

Mid-May 2018 Tarotscope


These are general tarot readings for each zodiac sign and are not personal, therefore, some of the messages may or may not resonate. Please take what does, and leave behind what isn’t meant for you. ❤




It’s bad judgement to think to get out of your anxiety that you’re not supposed to find someone new but instead go back to the old. Stick to yourself to be at an advantage. On your own you’re less anxious and more in control of your emotions. No drama, but you want to try to offer a new beginning anyways but there’d be no commitment with this person. They don’t want it. It’s not going to be fulfilling and you’ll be happier when you accept it is not worth the pain. There’s more options, and there’s nothing left to revive. Bad karma will come your way if you try to force the situation to go differently than the forces want. By not taking action to heal yourself and instead covering your wounds with vices you’ve left things for granted. You thought there were better things out there, just to turn around and be upset over the things you played a part in. In the past you would turn to this when you couldn’t make a decision but it isn’t helping you live your life the best way and leading you to a problem. You need a new beginning. You think you don’t have the strength or stability but you’ll be successful if you are disciplined and work hard. You stop feeling fucked over when you stop running and hiding from your mediocrity and offer what you’re really worth to the world.



Your vices cause you to feel like you’re lacking in life but you have the power to change that and start a new phase in your life. You may be experiencing mental issues or blockages but that doesn’t’ change the fact that this person is still not stable or always fair to you. Don’t accept an offer if you think for a second that a part of you in the future might wish that you made a different decision in this scenario. If future you could come back in time, would you still need proof before making a decision? Try to do well on your own and watch how quickly they get upset and stop offering you things. Good luck will come when you put your extra time and money into creative hobbies and less of your addictions. If you feel unstable, in your head, not abundant, then stop dealing with any relationships where they are just wanting drama. Focus on bettering yourself.



You need to get balance and focus on your work. Don’t talk to people who are manipulating you or trying to. You will be happy going within and caring for yourself before others. By not being dramatic and negative it makes manipulators show their true colors. If there’s a doubt in a union don’t kid yourself thinking it’ll get better. Success will not come to you if you keep repeating your mistakes. The fulfillment you are looking for is found inside of you.



You’re surprised to find that by not doing much with the outside world you’ve gotten better judgement on a partnership potential where before you felt there were better options. You’ve been quick to cut people off or get emotional when they try to give you constructive criticism but it would benefit you to listen. You’ve been in your head and keep yourself in that place but you already know that. You don’t want to fight or have to walk away from a union that currently fulfills you. Balance will come and make a happy home when addictions aren’t the priority. You’re feeling like you’re lacking and not as abundant as you’d like has messed with your emotions and you’ve been keeping it under wraps. You know it puts you at an advantage during the rough times in your home. You also know that’s the only energy that’ll move things forward. Realize you can transcend your pain into beauty, your mistakes can teach others. You can offer that and it’ll bring you balance. Go within, move past your ego and doubts, and ask yourself what brings you the most happiness? As long as you repeat past mistakes nothing will change for the better.



You’ve been in your head about a third option but went within and realized which one is a burden on you. Trying to avoid conflict is putting you at a disadvantage. You think you’re in control and that’s going to get you hurt. Get out of anxious nights by turning down the offers that you know won’t bring you a happy life. Your happiness is up to you making the right choices or not. Only you can control what you accept. You have the power to over come shortcomings in your commitments. Leaving behind anything that you know isn’t in your best interest will bring you success and happiness. Slow down, stop fighting, put effort and passion back into it. If you’re guarded you will stay stuck.



It’s taken strength to get here but you’re quickly seeing offers being presented to you for the hard work you’ve been putting in. You are feeling sorry for yourself and putting yourself in a lack of abundance mindset. Fix that by giving to others so you can see how much you can go without and still be comfortable. You’re moving past anything that brings you unhappiness. Changing into a new cycle after being done with unfair situations. It’s better to be happy on your own than trying to be happy with those who make you feel like you have to be guarded all the time. Turn down any offers when you know that person will just create issues later down the road for the partnership. You will be ecstatic if you take charge and go after what you thought wasn’t possible before in the past. Block anyone who tries to get in the way. You do not deserve that anxiety.



In the past you met someone who was emotional but owned it. Independent. Due to not sacrificing something though dishonesty is going on and a new beginning can’t happen. Thinking you can control this person will only put you at a disadvantage with them and get you blocked out. Only being open and balanced will bring the new beginning. Drama in the partnership will trigger their issues to thinking you rather have something else and you’ll abandon them. Put those burdens down by using your better discernment and protecting them from your own troubles. Your hard work is showing to pay off and the happiness is beaming out when presented with this offer. Offering commitment/partnership will create success for you. Happiness once you make the decision to make the offer. You don’t have the funds to start your own path but that’s what you’re slowly moving towards. Stop worrying about your status in society.



It’s good judgement involved to end a partnership and go within yourself for temporary rest and isolation. Blocking out influences that want to pressure you. The truth is you don’t feel stable at the moment. A person is being entitled and burdensome causing you unhappiness. Be gracious and don’t make it dramatic. Slowly you realized this person tries to be manipulative. You want to move forward past what hasn’t worked out. Work, community, and partnerships all seem to be going well but you’re not completely content. You expect to get over this quickly but it’ll take patience, persistence, awareness, and facing your issues to get over it. Bad fortune comes when you don’t do enough quickly enough and think you have all the time in the world it’ll take for you to decide what you want to do. You’d do well to show more respect to others. You’ve decided to stick this out despite them continuously turning it down. Not feeling confident enough in yourself is causing your issues.



Immaturity may have caused someone to not feel as powerful or confident as they once did due to some unfavorable event. You get really happy when independence and financial security is evident for you and someone you’re involved with. Work has been benefiting for you the more you don’t argue or participate in drama. Things may be moving slow for you at the moment but that’s to eliminate future problems and get out of where you are unhappy at now. Options may seem great but it’s keeping you stuck without ending something and leveling up. To make them feel better though you may have to take one for the team and pay for their way to move forward. You get rid of burdens when you decide to go after what you want. Go forward not offering your emotions as it’ll help you get through it easier. In the past you may have thought something wouldn’t have offered you what it did but by staying in and not focusing on much else you’ve gained wealth enough you feel a little more balanced. Your enemy is your addictions. All that hard work and money needs to go to your new beginning not that which keeps you bound. Commit to doing what makes you a Boss.



Worrying too much about others and how to please them instead of yourself is creating the lack of success feeling. Be you. What they said before doesn’t and won’t ever matter unless you choose to let it matter. Alot of trauma and unfair situations have caused mental wounds and cause you to be guarded. Patience and faith will help you. You’re in your head about an offer you’ve been receiving. You’re going to be extremely happy once justice and karma pay you, putting you in a powerful position. You have good intuition and moving past issues you had with being argumentative, because you realize it’s saboteur behavior. You’re more than happy to walk away from someone who lies and manipulates. They can offer money and commitment but there’s no benefiting new beginnings as long as they are bent on staying manipulative and stuck in their old ways. Stare too hard and long wondering why you aren’t as pleased as you expected to be by now and you might lose the things you’re taking for granted. Slow down, focus on offering yourself the best you can without excuses. You can go out without participating in things you don’t like or know are toxic for you. By good judgement and not being dramatic you’ll be offered money for your position in charge which in the past you didn’t think would happen. You haven’t been as profitable as you’d maybe preferred but that cycle is ending. You become happy after not focusing on a relationship before looking to the things you can do to bring yourself balance and confidence. You haven’t felt very abundant or confident but something will happen to end your anxious thoughts and bring you happiness, after a trip or some forward movement happens. The objective is to work towards better communication and less arguing.



A new beginning wasn’t moving forward with a partner because someone was trying too hard to be a player and be unfair and controlling. You are either being let go from something or letting them go. It’ll cause you to feel stuck, anxious, guarded, argumentative, and like you’re not progressing. To be free of guilt you need to be happy with that person in your past moving on and doing well, or atleast accept it. Do not try to manipulate this person with money because they’re not having it. They are happy without you. This was imbalanced because someone was being greedy. They are moving on to something that fulfills them.




Until someone can get balance within their abandonment feelings, insecurities, and past regrets, no new offers will ensue. Your addictions are a burden on you and you should better invest the money into yourself. You can’t see a new beginning without drama because you get petty and caught up in it. This person is beautiful, abundant, and successful, and wants to succeed. They don’t want to deal with situations or people who make them feel like they have to be guarded. Worry about yourself, not what this other person is doing. They’re tired of the lying, the manipulation, the illegal activities, and are just unhappy so they are declining the offer. Someone is paying too much attention to other options anyways and wasting their time.



DD 11.8.2017

Not wanting to participate in Society’s “Life”.
Hard time connecting with inner self.
Slowly getting in touch with feelings.
Potential hasn’t been unleashed yet.
Unable to get over a situation.
Independent spirit with some misfortunate events.
Creative. Feminine sexuality.
Suppressed feelings.
Need to get out of the mess keep getting self in.
Have the ability to get out, easily.
Anxious of new beginning to life.
Character flaws need cleansing.
Release of negative emotions cleansing.
Pissed off. Exhausted. Emotionally drained.
Question others and find things out for yourself, they’re not always correctly informed.
Be aware of what you post on social media.
Progressing past some people but at danger of plateauing.
Take a leap of faith into something new. Push others to as well.
Annoying others with griping. Barking orders at others and not being “nice”.
Need to look within.
Stop doubting self and looking to others.
Be aware self image is distorted.
Able to laugh at what used to cause fear. Let loose.
Look towards the future with hope.



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