Tarotscope All Elements Last Weekend of September 2018

Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. You have a full natal chart, and energies can be vice versa for crossreaders.



Don’t message anyone if you’re going to be a hypocrite about things. They feel fine without that and they are good on their own because the truth is they didn’t see it going very far with how unhappy you were anyways. The truth is the way you went about leaving a situation someone thought it was bullshit then found out they were right to think that. You wanted this new beginning and this person had the strength you didn’t to get things going. Go do what you want now and be happy without having to live your life as a lie.



Do you know what you want? If you don’t start noticing what’s been built for you and what’s growing with you they can be on their own believe it or not. If you want them you wouldn’t let them feel like you rather be elsewhere. When the negative vibes leave you will start to feel better. If you’re happier on your own then go be on your own. Not two,three,four-timing someone who is loyal to you. Things will get better when there aren’t so many people around who like drama. If they’re happy with that shit that’s fine but they have to take it somewhere else. They are trying to work their emotions or you are before they make a move and offer more. The worst thing they do is self sabotage, sometimes shitty people deserve a taste of their own medicine. Especially when they hurt others with their lies. Don’t be the liar.




You’re good on your own so if you know that, why are you not doing what’s responsible and honorable of you to do? You won’t be able to have long lasting calmness in your mind if you keep putting things off that you know are needing to be resolved and concluded. You can see that there was nothing you could do but find happiness on your own. Now you’re doing your own thing and making commitments to yourself. When you stop being greedy and hiding and do what you need to then things will improve for you in your life and your status in the community. You felt emotional before in response to the new opportunity but now see the success in the transition after things’ve calmed down and you’ve had time to reflect. By chance you’ll find out that not everyone wanted you to go but if things were going to stabilize the first thing was to let go of what was no longer aligning anymore. They weren’t cruel but you caused some rift in the situation and they quickly chose their well being over yours. Offering anything at this point is a drain for them that just makes them anxious, and they rather not be around that anymore. They had righteous power behind them to out the truth against dishonesty. That’s why what happened happened, that’s why you now feel relief, this is why you need to let it go and move on. Don’t offer more to what’s hurt you. Follow what you want for yourself now.




It’s rough when you let go of what you once held dear or obligatory to your heart. You have more productive things to put your energy and focus on that will benefit you and bring you to yourself. You decided people will need to meet you 80% of the way with them being content and happy with them self before you consider any attention or effort is put into them from now on. You’re making things way tougher on yourself than you need to. What is meant for you will come naturally without restriction or hesitation. Your mind is jumbled currently. World upside down. Be happy and indulge in your arts and spirituality right now. Take care of the person most important in your life, you. You’re moving on slowly after realizing the truth about how there’s no commitment to you in this. Now you have no excuse to not work on your projects, and you can heal so you don’t get codependent again. You think they may or may not have other options but does it even matter? You don’t trust it, you don’t feel good about it, so take this new chapter as one where it starts off you secluding yourself and figuring things out. People won’t defend you if you act out or make them feel like they’re wasting their time and efforts on you. Someone may pretend to want to offer you something again but it’s only because they feel shitty so to make themselves feel better here they are back again to fuck with your head. The right people will offer you loyalty, love, and the world. Will support you and be there good and bad times. Be on your pursuit of happiness. Share your stories and wisdom. Good luck is on your way. Don’t let a manipulator push your buttons, distract you, and ruin your opportunities. Stay focused, and keep to yourself. Get your emotions in check. Get yourself together. Deceptive people are negative energies and you can’t be a part of it if you’re trying to evolve and grow. Use creative outlets and chances to experience and learn new things as a way to forget about the betrayals and pains. Stability, money, and finding a happy place to call home will follow you when you use Law of Attraction to realize you’re already abundant and good enough just the way you are. Committing to success is the first step to doing something about making your own dream come true. Don’t talk about it, just do the damn thing.