Big Brother Episode Recap August 30th 2018

Tonight Haleigh or Fessy goes home, but Jury member gets a chance to come back. Let’s go

Kaycee doesn’t use Veto on Haleigh or Fessy.

Fessy says he’s most mad because he thought he did a good job of them not being put up.

Haleigh wonders how does she stay in the game without hurting him.

She says why are you mad?

He says this is our last week together so…

She says I’m not with them cause I don’t want to be with you.

He says I don’t know what will happen outside of this house.

He’s insecure about what will happen, what was real, what wasn’t

She tells him she’s the same that she is now.

She says she’s going to be mindful of what she does because he’s important to her, but her hanging with everyone is her playing the game.

Fessy says he’s going to set her up to win.

She wonders what happens if there’s a battle back, he says he hopes it’s him or Scottie.

Brett says he keeps running things through his own mind, and feels Tyler is the only one who’s with him in the out of group thing, so he offers him a final 2.

Brett is thinking about ahead when Level 6 can’t keep going

Brett suspects Angela and Kaycee have a final 2

Tyler says he can’t turn down Final 2.

He has half the house to final 2 agreement.

Brett talks about how many women he’ll have after the show.

Tyler says he likes Angela, and she’s cute, but he’s here for the money.

Tyler rolls his eyes to the camera and mouths “Four final twos? ugh”

Bayleigh, Rockstar, Scottie, and tonight’s evictee will have a chance to come back tonight.


JC goes to talk to Tyler. He says how Kaycee and Angela probably have a final 2.

JC says he plans to take 1 of them out.

“What about after faysal?”

Tyler says no.

Tyler says it’s too early, you’re going to screw it up.

Tyler says “you’re not going to convince me”

Tyler says “get out of here with that grumpy face”

JC says “sorry i dont have a happy face”

JC says obviously Tyler isn’t on board, but who isn’t close with them? Brett.

Brett and JC are talking about Angela and Kaycee now.

Fessy blows Angela out of the water about being fake, and don’t worry, she’s not all that like she thinks.

He mentions how Angela has Tyler and Brett on leashes and they need to get a handle on that.

He also says how Sam was mentioned as a replacement nom since all she does is complain.

Haleigh says I hope I don’t leave, but I’m going to let you know how much you mean to me, you taught me how to be more accepting and loving

4-1 Fessy is leaving…

Haleigh saw Fessy’s sister.

Angela says she never said that about Sam.

Sam says I know I don’t know what that was

Julie asks Fessy what he lied about

He said some was true some wasn’t

She asks if he got veto who would’ve he saved,

he says if I used the veto on myself she would’ve went home, but he doesn’t want to answer it.

Haleigh said they were the two worst players in Big Brother.

He says “I probably should’ve not sent Scottie home, but he sketched me out”

Is there going to be a real relationship? “I hope so”

Julie “HMMMM”

if you could go back, what would you do different?

he says “I don’t know what I would do different”

she mentions the battle back.

He freaks out 🙂

Julie says “what’s with the tone? Aren’t you happy to hear from me? Settle down”

battleback happens, but they wont watch, and they wont know till the winner shows back up. and then they’re back in the game.

Bayleigh screams in Jury house “WHY WOULD YOU TELL TYLER ROCKSTAR WHY!?!”

The stream died. So I will update when I find out more.