Big Brother 20 Episode Recap September 5th 2018

After Nom Ceremony:

Tyler said he rather see Haleigh go, but they both need to stay calm so they don’t come after him.

Haleigh says she’s been adapting every day to survive.

Scottie says he fucks up because he fucks up. Haleigh says the same about herself. They speculate Sam going next.

Tyler tells Haleigh Scottie went up cause everyone’s uncomfortable with him there.

JC thinks he’s manipulating Tyler. He tells Tyler he’s acting weird. Tyler says “I’m on a power trip.”

Tyler knows he has to watch JC.

Sam is excited to straighten Tyler’s hair.



“I look like Joe Dirt and Kid Rock had a baby Oh my God!”

he’s so red hahaha

JC says “Fabio? No. He’s a completely old independent woman.”


Angela and Tyler are cuddling in bed.

JC and Brett cockblock.

Angela and Tyler make a game.

Everytime someone knocks on the door to try to catch them they get some points, and when they say it to each one individually, more.

Brett keeps making the comments.

They just laugh about it.

Tyler kisses Angela in bed.


Kaycee gets picked, Scottie gets House Guest choice, picks Steve, lol, jk, Sammie

He says He knows she despises Haleigh so it’ll save him.

JC also gets picked.


Angela says Sam’s emotions are annoying.

Everyone calls her annoying, I’m just like her..whatever. Psh.

Brett questions if Sam’s okay.

They want her gone because her vibe is a downer.

Kaycee offers to share bed with Haleigh.

Haleigh says she likes Fessy but she’s going to sever it game wise and do what she needs to.

Kaycee says she didn’t agree with Fessy’s actions/words. They talk about being closer.

Kaycee says she likes Haleigh and she wants to build some stuff with her incase she wins HOH.

Kaycee gets Veto.

Kaycee sees Haleigh crying and cuddles her.

Haleigh tells Kaycee that Scottie said she was the pawn.

Kaycee says trust me you’re okay.

Kaycee does not use Veto.

Plan is to send Scottie, but Tyler wants Haleigh to go.



Big Brother Episode Recap August 26th 2018

Fessy really thinks Tyler and Angela are helping him and Haleigh. -_-

They have to find a plastic ball in a ball pit with a chance to roll a ball down a factory line that has swinging lollipops, and lock their score in place or go back into a ball pit to get another one.

(Sounds like a long competition mixed with people being prideful, luckily there’s a time limit)

Sam is stashing tokens.

Tyler doesn’t want to win HOH.

JC doesn’t want to win HOH.

Sam barters her chips “As long as you don’t put me up”

JC doesn’t understand her logic.

Angela rather have Brett or Kaycee to win but no one will lock a score, so she’s going to… with a 39.

Tyler got a 38…close.

Haleigh got a 36…nope.

Angela is new HOH 🙂

Poor naive Fessy, still harping on the new alliance.

Angela says she lost the connection with Sam.

Tyler and Haleigh say how she’s distanced herself from everyone.

Tyler says being in the big brother house is fun when you get things your way.

Haleigh notices the quad being excited and puts 2 and 2 together.

Angela asks “Was that bad?”

Tyler says yeah, but whatever.

Haleigh says “I Guarentee I see my picture tomorrow, guarentee”

Fessy still thinks that Angela isn’t going to put them up.

Angela says it sucks that she has to get blood on her hands twice.

Angela says she’s thinking about Sam.

Haleigh says “I figure you probably want to put me up next to her”

Angela says “maybe she’s as dumb as her boyfriend!”

Haleigh says “told you” to Fessy. Umm to be fair, you offered it, you planted that seed first Haleigh…anyways.

Fessy signals Haleigh to leave the room.

Fessy says “She’s not gonna touch you, Angela”

Angela isn’t having it.

Fessy to Tyler she can’t put Haleigh up as a pawn because Sam next to Haleigh, who knows

Haleigh interrupts and argues, Tyler smirks.

Haleigh says “I’m not the kind of person to let a man speak for me, so the fact he tells me to basically stop talking infuriates me”

she tells him she doesnt appreciate it

he’s trying to excuse it

she says “they dont owe me shit so stop saying that for me”

she says “im trying to talk it down because i see how it’s not going somewhere good, they dont owe me shit, is this how you act outside of the house? whats this attitude?”

she says if he’s this mean she doesn’t know what he’s like outside of the house and she doesn’t know how she likes it.

JC likes to cook and make good food.  ( I bet he smokes pot lol )

JC calls the girls his whales, throwing candy into their mouths. HAHA

He says to Kaycee “You’re gonna be ‘lesbihonest'”

Haleigh says she thinks Ty’s type is shy quiet reserved classy healthy

he says the last few girls are “tall”


Tyler says you make it hard to be around here, she asks how?

he says “you walking around here… being yourself.”

Angela says “Maybe I like him, just a little bit!”

Angela talks about how she has walls.

Tyler is like “Why am I wearing her hoodie?!”

Angela talks about Sam and Haleigh but it’s not necessary because they’ll still need to get both Haleigh and Fessy out.

“Maybe Sam, i dont know”

Brett and JC think wasting an HOH on Sam is dumb as fuck.

JC pitches it to Angela.

Fessy now talks to Angela.

Angela says I’m pretty sure Haleigh is going to be a pawn.

Angela says “I think people would be suspicious of me if I didn’t up Haleigh up at least”

Haleigh and Fessy get put up together.

Big Brother 20 Episode Recap

Rockstar is pissed off at Brett.

Brett can’t persuade Rockstar because she plays personally, so he sees it as just ruffling feathers and making herself a liability keeping the target off him maybe.

After the eviction, Rockstar was yelling at Brett.

Kaitlyn goes to Ty and asks him if he flipped. Tyler says don’t ask me to swear on anyone in my life again. He says he did flip but that her saying that made him irritated.

The HOH Comp was Endurance Wall.

Rockstar falls first.

She cries and apologizes to Scottie saying she tried hard.

Faysal falls.

Brett falls.






Scottie calls Kaycee “Daddy” lol

Brett says he’s never been so terrified and turned on at the same time when Sam roars.

Kaitlyn falls.

Kaycee falls.

Sam is telling Tyler to jump down.

Tyler jumps willingly after she yells “JUMP DAMN IT!”

Sam wins HOH!!

Rockstar cries and plays victim.

Brett says “You didn’t budge the entire time…”

Rockstar cries and says guys like Brett always win.

JC and Tyler worked together to hide the flip vote.

He wants Fessy to trust him more than Kaitlyn.

JC laughing in DR because he’s making Fessy think one of the girls is playing games with him.

Kaitlyn’s upset cause Fessy doesn’t want to hang out with her.

Kait says you’re hurting my feelings.

She’s getting upset and worked up that he’s questioning her.

She’s crying and says she’s not going to go look at Sam’s HOH at the moment.

Fessy tells her to get up and come look.

Sam says she doesn’t want people freaking out on her HOH.

She has no one on one’s.

She already knows who she’s voting for, and no discussion.

She lets everyone know she’s been upfront since Day 1 and it’s her HOH room, she wants it clean, you can’t be in there without her and without her permission.

She means business.
JC mocks her and says “HOH Dictatorship”

They think Sam used a power to switch 2 votes.

Kaitlyn says Tyler flipped, but then says lol jk.

Tyler gives the camera a thumbs up as Kaitlyn thinks she just figured shit out.

Rockstar is still being petty over the Brett thing and starts banging pots.

Tyler is in DR and hears her and wants to go out and see it.

Rockstar is being extremely obnoxious.

Brett is cheering her on.

She makes things personal.

He knows that it’s bothering everyone else.

JC says don’t call dwarves midgets it’s like the same as calling black people niggers.

JC says he feels like she took the whole context and threw it away just because the word he used in the middle was derogatory which was the point he was trying to make about her using the word midget.

He says he knows a thing or two about being discriminated against because he’s gay and short and hispanic.

JC goes and talks to the group about it. Tyler says you should go talk to her about it before bedtime.

Bayleigh and JC are having a conversation about their struggles when they were kids.

JC tries to explain that he was using the words that are most hurtful to each group to make his point.

They talked it out.

Sam calls for Nom meeting.

Hayleigh and Kaitlyn.

She says it’s the easy way to play a game and disrespectful to the men and to themselves how they’ve been treating the men in the house and how they’re playing.

Hayleigh cries because she says all girls flirt in the house and she’s upset because her family’s watching.

Kaitlyn cries not because she’s on block but because of Sam’s comments and how that’s opposite of female empowerment.

Fessy says he doesn’t agree with Sam’s comments and that they rubbed him the wrong way and that she needs to watch her back.

Brett is pleased with the house being in chaos and him off the block. Hopes for the veto to be his and take someone off and put Rockstar up and backdoor her instead.

Sorry this was late tonight.

Tune in Wednesday! 🙂