collective reading – 4.26.2020

It’s okay to feel the need to purge the last of the toxicity you have now. Take the time to ask yourself the hard questions and give the bitter answers. Saccharine dreams and superficial wishes don’t lead you to your soul’s desires. You need to see the dark along with the light so you can grasp the concept of shades of grey.

It’s your choice what you will tolerate and consume. If you’re feeling cold, what is it you’re consuming? If it’s too extreme on one end of the spectrum, or unclean, you shouldn’t be feeding it to your mind, body, or soul. Do you want to live your best life in alignment? If you’re feeling hopeless look for the signs. Look to what the stars and your gut says. If someone seems unappreciative of you, go cold on them, no one deserves to have to give unrequited energy.

Do what you’re comfortable with. If something feels unnatural or like it’s not for you change course towards the way you feel led to. You’re free to stroll. It’s your choice. The memories may run deep and may be confusing or overwhelming at times, but you have options. Live by the way of tree of knowledge, or live by the way of the tree of life. What fruits do you want to bear? Material abundance doesn’t mean the same to someone who feels satiated from spiritual bread.

Let go so you can level up, or stay stuck where you are. Forgive masculine for not being where you are. They will have to go through their journey just as you did. When you don’t accept the lessons and let go you don’t allow change and you idle out. You could quickly change things if you weren’t waiting on someone else’s permission to start. Their struggle isn’t yours. It’s okay to change your mind. Get to a place where you feel good and secure and can be confident no matter what’s happening externally.

Try to not lose sleep over an immature manipulator. Boundaries are key to implement right now. Stop feeding into things that aren’t making you happy! Keep to yourself more for now. Don’t stretch the drama out by playing victim or bringing it up constantly. Don’t speak, please stop explaining. Step back and see what they do. Is the return worth the risk? You don’t need to stay just because you gifted them your energy before. Everyone deserves a new start. You can help others not stay stuck in their patterns and how to cope through their symptoms.

If someone is unwilling to open up stop trying to reach them. If they don’t want to participate, reciprocate, or appreciate, then let God sort them out. Someone isn’t doing well. They’re missing the fun they used to have. They like to give attention but always feel alone. If people act shady or question your visions, then their care may be conditional. If they cared, they’d be consoling and supportive.