Vivienne Westwood Fall/Winter 2019/2020 Show Message

Make your own things and stopping buying stuff you don’t need.

Spoon on left ear: there is no such thing as fatality death. Just “death”.

Nasa lying about what climate change is, they are telling you it’s public knowledge the ozone going down under Paris and will soon not be able to survive in.

All the info is in the cards(occult knowledge/tarot/metaphorically) which are laid out on the table.Everyone worried about the wrong things. Things are going to come up, and go down. Physically and metaphysically.

Soon the mark of the beast well be given to the new born children, who aren’t evolving organically but instead controlled by the AI in their skin.

Head wraps and full suits needed for the palest.

The more melanin the more you’ll shine.

You think you can handle the new world, Fool?

The arctic peace treaty is being compromised by Russia which will be the catalyst for the “invasion” and why we need “space force” which activates and starts “the game” laying the “first cards down”

Power can be achieved by invoking human emotions and then keeping plans in secret.

The world’s separated by those who don’t think and impulsively act or do as their told, and those who think and are intelligent and always willing to learn more and brainstorm to solve problems, like what to do to have a peaceful world. They talk about their plans on how to take over the world every month at their little book club meetings.

If you’re rich enough, gold leafed masks may be used to reflect or alchemize uvb rays for paler races.

Buy lies. We’re taught when we are young, be who you are, which isn’t what you are already as is, but what is seemingly unachievable unless a magical fairy granted your wish or you pay the right price. All the characters in stories are energies to be matched with yourself as a guide, who will you be?

Will you eat whatever is convenient, knowing it will turn you into a jackass of corporate consumption?

The elect are not honest with us Like they claim in stories and movies they allow though, they mix the truth with fiction to confuse and mislead the masses.

Art is the truth which is why it can’t be regulated.

If you continue to ignore what history has taught, and claim only in the moment counts, there is no future for you to obtain, this is the lie.

The world cares more about political correctness, feelings, and opinions rather than the truth and the facts and the logic. This is why they are blind to the truth.

It’s a lie that spending everything and ignorantly paying for something without questioning will make you rich. Obviously not true. You have to use discernment and discipline.

You’re buying crap you don’t need that’s worth shit to fund assholes who contribute nothing back to society and their communities.

Democracy is a lie pushing everyone to a one world order which only accelerates the elects’ further destruction of the current state of our world as we know it.

Things will happen to shake things up and make the playing field more fair and even.

Just because someone doesn’t admit they’re evil doesn’t make it so. It gets their dicks hard to Fuck you over like that and you just take it.

Stop lying to children about climate change being their responsibility. Tell the fucking truth.

We are meant to speak with our words otherwise we’re devolving back to lower animals.

The elect try to portray themselves as innocent behind the aprons of ignorance. Social media and the army of drones in the echo chamber silence any healthy and progressive conversation or discussion on what to do to solve problems in the world.

The new lies for consumption is “it’s okay to spend even more now because it will save the ‘planet’ so it’s good, You’re allowed.”

They want you to think going into this new contract will be profitable for you.

What was once classically loved and upheld will soon be kissed goodbye to something more out of the box and experimental.

We come in and out of portals time and time again here and there. We choose partners we will share this go around with, don’t make the same agreements as before, follow the leads of example, the ones with roles that make you feel noble when you do as them. Then you can make an agreement with yourself to do better again always, just like before.

Say what you mean to say boldly without embarrassment, especially when you’re driven to by a stronger force than you, it’s needed.