Big Brother 20 September 20th 2018

JC nominates Angela and Tyler.

Haleigh mentions Tyler is running game harder than she knew.

Bayleigh thinks Kaycee is making the best moves in the game.

Sam threw up an illuminati sign AGAIN.

Scottie noticed that Tyler never meant to go all the way with any of his final 2’s.

Brett says I’m glad I didn’t want any of yall to win.

Kaycee wins veto, keeps noms the same, evicts Angela.


Big Brother 20 Episode Recap September 19, 2018

The veto comp is a maze and they have to find certain things.

The winner with best time was Kaycee!


Kaycee doesn’t use the veto.

(Sorry, family emergency caused me to not be able to finish the show blog live)

Sam and JC give their eviction speeches.

JC’s speech was cute.

Sam goes home.

Sam feels embarassed to wear sweatpants out, it’s okay Sam 🙂

She feels surprised that she got 2-0 vote.

She said JC is annoying, and Tyler said he would take her F2 so she’s confused. She doesn’t feel different about them.

She feels maybe she was too different and not prepared for the experience but it’s changed her and she has been completely changed thanks to it all and she thinks she maybe isolated herself at times.

She said it would take way longer than a few seconds to talk about how the game has changed her and what she’s learned about herself.

JC solidified a spot in F3.

I will post the other one soon. Thanks 🙂

Next week will be finale.

JC says “we were just sitting here having tea time and now I’m the new HOH hahaha”

Big Brother 20 Episode Recap September 6th 2018

Tyler is playing Haleigh and Scottie.

JC asks Tyler about him and Angela.

He says 100% she ran from that bed to that couch.

Tyler calls him paranoid.

Tyler tells JC that it’s not a good idea AT ALL to put up Kaycee or Angela and he needs to stop.

Angela and Tyler are talking in bed about JC and Brett and Haleigh.

(They are very smart)

Tyler says can’t be taking shots at JC though, that’s not good for me either.

Tyler is going to have his plans backfire on him.

He cries about how he can’t keep her safe because he came for the money.

Derrick! I was just talking about him the other day. How he won Jury because no one knew he was so undercover.

Brett talks to Scottie to figure out Jury thoughts.

Scottie tells Brett how Rockstar hated her goodbye message from Angela.

Bayleigh also super pissed at Angela.

And Fessy.

Brett and JC talk about how it’s obvious Angela doesn’t think or care that people know her and Tyler are being sneaky together.

They say how she has 2 people in her pocket, and need to backdoor Angela.

Brett wants to feed JC’s paranoia so he doesn’t have to get blood on his hand.

Derrick says you can’t determine the winner yet. Jury Management is one of the most important things he says. He said if he was Tyler he’d bring Angela to Final 2.

Scottie just said something very inappropriate apparently cause it got blocked out and all guests are shocked.


Everyone votes out Scottie.

Scottie goes out again.

He thinks they don’t keep him because he’s unpredictable.

He said he tried so hard to be tame but it got him nowhere.

He says they’re not good at lying.

He says he prefers Haleigh over Tyler, but he probably would’ve went with Tyler to final 2 because of the numbers.

Kaycee got HOH. 🙂

Big Brother 20 Live Episode Recap August 9th 2018

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haleigh tells bayleigh that she won the hacker comp because she felt guilty.

bayleigh and tyler get into a screaming match. it’s intense.

the hacker nullified Tyler from being able to vote.

You need to watch the episode to see the fight.

Bayleigh is going. 6:1

She will be the first to go to Jury House.

Thanks for tuning in 🙂

Haleigh won HOH


Big Brother 20 Episode Recap

I’m late again. The power went out for the majority of the show, so I’m just doing it this morning. Here you go.


Day 37

Fessy can tell Kait is upset, but he has feelings for Hayleigh.

Sam said she put Rockstar up because she made herself a target.

Kait wants to know why he promised her that, she’s tired of men promising her things and lying.

It changed how she looks at him and it’s really unfortunate.

She said she really thought that was her best friend.

Bayleigh kisses her before she walks out of the room.

Fessy says you still have a chance.

She says when did you decide you’d make me look like an idiot.

He says  “the more I thought about Swaggy…”

she gets pissed off and says “I would never do that to you.”

“I know where you stand now” she says, as she asks him to leave.


Tyler asks Fessy if he talked to Kait.

They says she’s up against Rockstar so what’s the deal.

Tyler says I can’t vote against Kait because she’s a vote and he can be in her ear.

Hayleigh walks in and Tyler leavves, then she hugs Fessy all excited.

“You’re so hot” he says.

“SHUT UP AND BE SERIOUS!” she teases.

Hayleigh says she wants to evict Kait because she’s a better competitor and not loyal.

She wants Fessy to vote with her.

Kait and Tyler are talking.

Tyler suggests going to JC for 6th vote saying she’s going to get Fessy out to win him over.

The voting is more strategic and emotional because the evictee has a chance to win a place back.

Brett says he wants Rockstar out. Level 5 is all in but he wants to make sure JC is going to vote.

JC says she’s really good, Rockstar never wins. The group tries to convince him that Kait’s “craziness” makes it easy to manipulate her.

He says no I feel something telling me she needs to go now.

He says I think I’m voting Kaitlyn out.


Fessy asks Kait how she’s feeling, she says I feel like you wrote my eviction sentence.

She says she’s going to take the negative energy and turn it into motivation.

Fessy says she takes everything personal and goes on these long emotional rants.


The alliance tells Rockstar to campaign the next day.

Kait says how she misses her boyfriend so much.

Rachel and Kaitlyn try to teach JC how to say Yin and Yang instead of Jin and Jang.

“A road going nowhere” Rachel says.


Rockstar talks to Brett in the kitchen. She says she will stroke his ego. She tells him she likes the move he pulled as an evil game move.

Brett says he needs to think about how he’ll vote.

Brett says we need to get Kait out. Angela agrees. Tyler freaks out.

They says Rockstar is awful at the game.

Tyler says he wouldn’t vouch for Kait if he didn’t think he had her.

Brett says this feels stupid, but the team brings up good points, and he doesn’t want to go against them.

Kaycee says if you save Kait, she’ll work with you.


Sam asks Tyler officially what are we doing? “I don’t know yet” he says.

Sam says she’s not proud to lose to Kaitlyn so she will go if she has to break the tie, and if she comes back, she’ll get her back out again.

Sam said “I’ll stomp a mudhole in that bitch’s chest, oh, oh my God, I can’t believe I just said that” they laugh together.

Kaitlyn says sometimes it’s hard but you have to follow your intuition. Remember whatever you do it’s always for the highest good.

JC – rockstar to go

Bayleigh – kaitlyn to go

Hayleigh – kaitlyn to go

Fessy – kaitlyn to go

1-3 so far

Brett – kaitlyn to go

Tyler – kaitlyn to go

Angela – kaitlyn to go

Kaycee – kaitlyn to go

Rachel – kaitlyn to go

Scottie – kaitlyn to go

9-1 kaitlyn to go.

Bonus Life App activated.

I feel like JC changed his vote to mess with the house, but I don’t know.

She has to take the puzzle apart, push it through the door, and put it together on the other side. She only has 2.5 minutes to finish it.

She was soooo close to finishing it and didn’t.

Julie gives her a hug.

She said she can live with the fact that she was in control of it. She also knows this was for a reason, because someone out here needs her more than she needs to be in the house, for the highest good.

Kaitlyn says she sees everyone’s good and truth so she couldn’t tell when they were lying.

She said she wants Bayleigh or Tyler to win.

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Big Brother 20 Live Episode Recap July 19 2018

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The Bros are up on the block. Brett & Winston.

Day 30.

Will Sam use the Power App?



Brett thinks he’ll stay.

Winston notes that Brett’s speech drew a line in the sand with the house.

Angela points out that Winston makes too many facial expressions and gives himself away.

Rockstar, Bay, and Hay, mention how Brett is a fierce competitor and very persuasive and that makes him someone who should leave.

Sam, Rachel, Kaycee, and Angela say how Brett should stay to keep the target off their backs.

Rockstar is freaking out on the rock wall.

Kaitlyn mentions how it’s her job to deal with these situations, and she notes that whatever she’s holding onto and she needs to let go.

Rockstar says “I’m TRYING to let go of this wall!”

Kaitlyn says how she’s obsessed with Tyler.

Tyler says how Kaitlyn is so bad for his game.

Tyler says he’ll vote how Kaitlyn wants him to.

Kaitlyn says how no guy has ever said that to her, not even her boyfriend (her boyfriend dumped her soooo)

Tyler says he knows when he votes it’s going to show everyone who he’s really playing with.

Winston tries to tug on Sam’s heartstrings.

She says how if she uses her power app to save a bro, she has a powerful ally vs someone she doesn’t want coming back later.

Sam’s Friends:

She’s very artistic and out there. Sustainable. Resourceful. Humble country town girl. Multi faceted. Sweetheart.

Brett says he gets nervous in front of pretty girls.

He says everyone showed him how to repair a broken heart.

He apologized to Kaitlyn. He calls out Rockstar.

Winston said he had a poem but instead said how they’re the bros you love to hate. He doesn’t want to campaign against Brett. He would appreciate the vote but that’s all he has to say.

Kaitlyn… Brett to go

Rachel… Winston to go

Kaycee… Winston to go

Rockstar… Brett to go

Faysal… Brett to go

Bayleigh… Brett to go

4 for Brett, 2 for Winston so far. Will the app be used? *break*

Angela… Winston to go


Hayleigh… Brett to go


JC… Winston to go


Tyler… Winston to go


Sam… Winston to go


Winston is leaving.

People look shocked.

Winston looks pissed.

Rockstar is pissed at Brett. She calls him disgusting. On her daughter’s birthday, how could he drag her name through the dirt she says.

Kaitlyn was seen trying to ask questions before cameras went to break.

Winston said he was told that Brett was going because he pissed off the house.

Winston threw the friendship bracelet that Sam made him.

It’s the Endurance Wall comp for the next HOH.

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Big Brother 20 July 12th 2018 LIVE Episode Recap

Happy Thursday!

Here’s the recap for tonight’s live episode.


Swaggy compares himself to Lebron

Tyler, Fessy, and JC console a crying Kaitlyn.

Bay walks in the room. She gives Kaityln a hug. She’s going to play Nice Nasty.

Bay says Kaityln could’ve just talked to Swaggy about him calling her a liar without him coming after her later in the game.

Rockstar, Fessy, Swaggy, and Scottie talk in the Have Not room about vote numbers.

Spend all week in Tyler’s ear is Swaggy’s plan.


Winston is talking to Kaycee and Angela about how he’s still worried about going home incase Swaggy sways the votes.

Kaitlyn asks Fessy how much he distrusts her.

He said he’s upset that he was blindsided by his one best friend over his other best friend.

She said she knew what she was risking but she thought a part of him would understand it’s a boss ass bitch move. He laughs and agrees.

She says she only believes in individual relationships. She said she didn’t believe the alliance was real.

He says I only trusted 100% in you. Now he questions it.

Swaggy, Tyler, and Kaitlyn are in the HOH room talking.

Swaggy is lying and Tyler is in the room to clarify the truth, because he was who told Kaitlyn. He complains if he’s kicked out, he can’t spend the summer with Bay.

He says he wants to manipulate her heartstrings to keep himself in the game.


Tyler says hell to the nooooo get out.

“but he swore on his dad!” she exclaims.

Swaggy is totally trying to emotionally manipulate everyone in the house.

Swaggy’s speech:

Let me stay ain’t shit happened, let me stay so I can blow some shit up!

Winston’s speech:

Sorry I don’t have a tshirt with my name on it.

Bay: obviously Winston to go … OOO Julie agreed with me. SO DID BAY. Lol

Brett: obviously, Swaggy to go.

Kaycee: “not so swaggy christopher” to go

Tyler: swaggy to go

Rockstar: Winston to go

Hayleigh: Winston to go

Faysal: Winston to go

Scottie: Swaggy to go

JC: Swaggy to go

Angela: Swaggy to go

Rachel: Swaggy to go

Sam: Swaggy to go

Swaggy is going home. 8-4


He tosses shirts to the crowd.

He said Hayleigh didn’t vote to keep him and he was wrong, Julie informs him.

He says he lost cause he didn’t take his own advice.

He says him and Bayleigh really love eachother after spending 600 hours together.

He says Tyler’s soft, he fell in love with a girl who has a boy back home, good luck to him.

HOH comp:

Pineapple, Inc.

They watch the video and answer Julie’s True or False Questions.

  1. 1 of the color options was strawberry . False…  FALSE. 🙂
  2. photo from 1979 was B&W. False…. FALSE. 🙂
  3. cryphone is available starting at 699. False… WAA True. FACK. D:
  4. fear buds are available in french. False… False. 🙂
  5. pineapple ceo was wearing a watch. True…True. 🙂
  6. ceo claimed liepad can “warn you of backdoors: false…false. 🙂
  7. 99GB liepad cost 1,299. True…False. D:

Board Tie Breaker:

How long was microchip competition from start to finished.

Scottie 1199

Rachel 12500

475 seconds


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