Big Brother 20 Episode Recap Live DOUBLE Eviction September 13th 2018

Haleigh goes home first round of eviction.

She doesn’t seem really excited to see Fessy even though she says that.

Angela tells Haleigh Brett is to blame.

She says she believes Kaycee and Angela over Brett.

Tyler is new HOH.

I suspect he’ll put up JC and Brett.

I am not sure who they’ll vote out. Probably JC…or maybe they’ll put up Sam with JC.

Tyler says stick to the plan, Level 6. Brett throws out JC’s name.

Tyler says “let me handle it!”

They say they don’t want Sam or JC to get veto.

Sam says to Tyler that some girl walks around thinking she’s better than everybody (guess that’s angela?) Tyler says trust me, who you thinks coming for you you don’t know.

He puts up JC and Sam.

POV is coming up.

Angela gets POV. I suspect she will not change them, unless she wants to backdoor Brett…

They want to vote out JC.

(Tyler and Angela)

she just said Sam though…maybe I misheard? Or they’re confusing people, I am not sure.

She uses it on JC she says she calls it being one step ahead.

Tyler calls it being two steps ahead and puts up Brett.

Brett sighs.

I called it. I called the backdoor. Damn.

Brett is pissedddd.

Sam says she’s sorry that she ever doubted angela.

Brett says he played a loyal game but they clearly made their choices and need to make a game move.

JC is sad to evict Brett.

Kaycee says she must evict Brett. She seems upset.

Angela smiles while voting out Brett.

He is upset to hear the 3 – 0.

Sam says they’ll pack his thing with respect and care.

Tyler says he’s the best player in here.

He kicks the door open to the stage with Julie.

He says come on Hype it up! to the crowd.


Julie “You got played, son.”

She asks why he didn’t out Level 6. He says “I don’t have a good answer to that”

He says keeping his mouth shut he thought would help him but it didn’t.

Julie says you broke rank and went to Tyler about the two girls though. Why?

Brett says I can’t beat Kaycee and Angela.

She calls him out on his loyalty, he goes “yeah but they don’t know that”

He feels most betrayed by Tyler because of the final 2.

Brett said he predicted the outcome with it.

He respects the gameplay and is upset but respects it.

He said we’ll see about emotionally voting in Jury or not.

85 days.

Next Wednesday another person is leaving.

She called Brett “Brent” as she closed the show out. Lol.

They wonder how they’ll pack up Brett’s stuff.