✨🦋✨ 3/20/2020 Collective Reading ✨🦋✨

It’s important to do what feels natural for you right now. This may mean what seems like a conflicting stance on something currently happening may be something that’s required soon. Have faith things will work out. You’re in full control of how you choose to feel. Make your choices and watch the good things flow to you.

Whatever was unfair will be made right. Be open about how you feel so you can process it and move forward. When you get control of your feelings you’ll be at an advantage with those who aren’t. You can’t take care of anything else if you’re in your head and not taking care of yourself first.

These circumstances show you what you truly value. Don’t continue the things that aren’t reciprocal to you. It’s showing you where you’re being drained from. Invest in yourself and let those who get upset by it go. If they were really trying to keep you around they’d offer better incentives and attitude and stick to it. Not still be on the same bullshit. Focus on yourself, not the controlling, manipulative, and weak people who can’t treat you correctly. You’ve stressed yourself out long enough in regards to this situation in which you were treated as less than.

You’re getting balanced and going after what you want for yourself. You will quit blaming yourself when you realize they don’t care like you do because of their own unresolved issues, which they project on you. You want it all or nothing at all. When you’re strong and resilient, you get rewarded for passing the test.

Find your happy place. If you’re worried, cast them into a prayer. The universe is waiting for you to have faith again. When you go internal instead of focusing on the external, things change tremendously. What was once a strain becomes something welcomed.

Honey vs. Vinegar. Signs are everywhere of inevitable change. Don’t fall for the tricks. Meditate. Love yourself. Make the changes you’ve been ignoring. Stop limiting and confining yourself to anyone else’s expectations of you. They don’t know you like you know you, and you’ve outgrown it.

You have a right to be angry that you were held back unnecessarily, but don’t focus on staying in that energy because it will block you from your deserved abundance. Learn the lessons and let it go. Stop revisiting the things you already know. See it for the toxicity it was and purge it out.