Big Brother 20 Finale Recap

Endurance comp is first part looks brutal.

JC dropped first. Now it’s Kaycee and Tyler against eachother.

Kaycee fell and Tyler lasted the longest.

Tyler mentions how he had a “Goals : Win Big Brother” at his home.

Kaycee is annoyed he didn’t drop first.


Kaycee vs JC

it’s mental comp.

She couldn’t remember Sam because she figured Sam was still hiding out in the have not room doing arts and crafts.


kaycee 18:55 ….

JC 19:34



now Kaycee is going to go against Tyler.

Dr.Will’s oxy lovin ass lookin old af

Brett thinks it’ll be JC coming in. Others think Angela will be joining jury.

They say Tyler will be nice but won’t be him.

Angela says “JC that little shit put me up”

Angela talks about Level 6 to the jury members.

Everyone raises their hands for being there thanks to Level 6. Angela says Kaycee rode Tyler’s coattails.

Haleigh says Kaycee won all these vetos and did nothing.

Fessy says but that got her here.

Angela says it should be the person who made the moves.

Bayleigh says “is that because youre in a showmance with him?”

Angela says “no she made the safest moves”

Haleigh says it did no good for her to use them so why do it?

Bayleigh says maybe Kaycee’s big move was stringing Angela along and then kick her out last.

Sam says you were lulled into a sense of security.

Rockstar says Kaycee floated.

Rockstar thinks JC ran things and planted alot of seeds.

Sam agrees.

Scottie says he got my teammate to vote me out.

Fessy says JC played me.

Bayleigh says Tyler might have left a sour taste but good game is good game.


This winter there will be a celebrity big brother.

Third part is a true or false.

Theyre at a tie at question 4

another tie.

another tie.

another tie.

another tie.

another tie. they both missed this one.

going to boards.

seconds math question…ugh


final HOH!!!

JC tells her i love you i appreciate what you did that means alot thanks for not blindsiding me. if you take me with you its mostly you winning. if you take him with you i already know you want to, you might win mmore with me.

Tyler says to bboth of you i love you , JC I know youre heartbroken i am too. But day1 me and Kaycee me and you final 2. Kaycee you done so well im so proud of you.

Kaycee is guarenteed atleast 2nd place, so she’s taking with her to final 2

this is crappy i love you both jc you been a huge team player i cant imagine being top 3 with anyone else. im sorry but i have to evict you.

She takes Tyler with her! It’s Kaycee and Tyler final 2!!

JC says i love you guys and runs out with so much enthusiasm.

Kaycee and Tyler hug and cry.


Julie to JC “So close”

He said I played it dirty , but I went loyal and that’s what screwed me.

Julie wonders if that was a mistake for Kaycee.

JC says I drank too much coffee let me calm down first.

Loyalty over Everything he says.

Sam dyed her hair dark.

the talk about they’re both super fans and how they had good game different ways.

Kaycee mentions that this little peanut would love your vote because im totally nuts about this game didnt make promises i couldnt keep

Tyler says he knew he’d be a threat and his super fandom was key to making it through. wanted people to think he was confused. He talks about being more than just play mate with Angela. Lol

Jury votes.

Rockstar says they’re both winners to her.

Haleigh says she didnt vote till she heard their speeches.

Brett says even though he’s not there he’s proud it’s 2 level 6 members.

Angela says the seperation anxiety is unreal and the decision was not easy.

JC says “Quality over quantity”

Tyler says he hopes he has ALOT Of time with her.

She says she doesn’t know what the future holds but she’s excited for the next chapter.

Fessy and Haleigh “whats the status?” “its the real deal” he said. she says it is indeed.

Swaggy says remember when you said I need to take charge remember that?

Remember when you said you love me?

Swaggy proposes to Bayleigh on stage…

He says in front of every girl I don’t want anyone else but you. Will you marry me?

She says yes.

JC voted Tyler

Angela voted Tyler

Sam voted Kaycee

Brett voted Tyler

Haleigh voted Tyler

Scottie voted Kaycee

Fessy voted Kaycee

Rockstar voted Kaycee

Bayleigh is decider Kaycee!!!



Kaycee cries as she comes out on stage with Tyler. WE DID IT WE DID IT

America’s Favorite Houseguest is coming up.

Bayleigh and Rockstar look uncomfortable with Swaggy js.

Tyler wins America’s Favorite houseguest.

He said I thought America hated me.

he cries

Kaycee says I’m gonna help out all of my family here and the phillipeans

Julie says everyone said this is the best season according to everyone.

there will be one next year so sign up if you want it

this was great thanks for everyone who tuned into the journey with us



Big Brother 20 September 23, 2018

Brunch episode. Meh.

I want the F2 to be Kaycee and Tyler. I would like to see Kaycee win.

I’d be okay with Tyler winning too I guess.

Sam or Kaycee for America’s Fave.

Tune in Wednesday. Sorry there was not much to report.

Big Brother 20 September 20th 2018

JC nominates Angela and Tyler.

Haleigh mentions Tyler is running game harder than she knew.

Bayleigh thinks Kaycee is making the best moves in the game.

Sam threw up an illuminati sign AGAIN.

Scottie noticed that Tyler never meant to go all the way with any of his final 2’s.

Brett says I’m glad I didn’t want any of yall to win.

Kaycee wins veto, keeps noms the same, evicts Angela.

Big Brother 20 Episode Recap September 19, 2018

The veto comp is a maze and they have to find certain things.

The winner with best time was Kaycee!


Kaycee doesn’t use the veto.

(Sorry, family emergency caused me to not be able to finish the show blog live)

Sam and JC give their eviction speeches.

JC’s speech was cute.

Sam goes home.

Sam feels embarassed to wear sweatpants out, it’s okay Sam 🙂

She feels surprised that she got 2-0 vote.

She said JC is annoying, and Tyler said he would take her F2 so she’s confused. She doesn’t feel different about them.

She feels maybe she was too different and not prepared for the experience but it’s changed her and she has been completely changed thanks to it all and she thinks she maybe isolated herself at times.

She said it would take way longer than a few seconds to talk about how the game has changed her and what she’s learned about herself.

JC solidified a spot in F3.

I will post the other one soon. Thanks 🙂

Next week will be finale.

JC says “we were just sitting here having tea time and now I’m the new HOH hahaha”

Big Brother 20 Episode Recap September 16th 2018

Sam breaks the ice “There’s only five of us left, what do I say, who wants dinner?”

Sam said she called Angela a bitch and she’s sorry.

Angela said to DR “It’s okay, I’ll tell you it’s fine, but this bitch is getting you out of here as soon as possible.”

Tyler lies to Sam about Brett wanting to put her up.

JC asks Tyler “what the fuck was that?”

Tyler tells JC that Brett said he was going to put JC up if he won HOH.

JC tells DR he doesn’t believe Tyler.

JC is after Tyler.


Tyler threw up the illuminati symbol.

So did Sam.

It was almost a tie between Angela and Sam, but JC got the point, so it kept Angela ahead.

Angela is HOH again.


JC says he swears he’s smarter than this in real life.

Angela wants Sam out before JC because she’s everyone’s best friend in Jury.

Angela says don’t believe anything coming out of JC’s manipulative mouth.


Angela whispers to Tyler I have a secret to tell you, pinky promise you won’t tell anyone? He pinky promises her. She whispers to him “I’m in love with you.” he said “Weird we share the same secret”

Tyler says they win, but feels like he already won.

:3 aww

To celebrate the top 5 they’re invited to BB Rexa concert.

I like the song she sang on the concert.

The lyrics are good.

She asks if their minds are clearer without social media? They all agree yes.

She says she doesn’t stand a chance next to either one of them in Final 2.

Her target is Sam because she’s over her mood swings.


Big Brother 20 Episode Recap Live DOUBLE Eviction September 13th 2018

Haleigh goes home first round of eviction.

She doesn’t seem really excited to see Fessy even though she says that.

Angela tells Haleigh Brett is to blame.

She says she believes Kaycee and Angela over Brett.

Tyler is new HOH.

I suspect he’ll put up JC and Brett.

I am not sure who they’ll vote out. Probably JC…or maybe they’ll put up Sam with JC.

Tyler says stick to the plan, Level 6. Brett throws out JC’s name.

Tyler says “let me handle it!”

They say they don’t want Sam or JC to get veto.

Sam says to Tyler that some girl walks around thinking she’s better than everybody (guess that’s angela?) Tyler says trust me, who you thinks coming for you you don’t know.

He puts up JC and Sam.

POV is coming up.

Angela gets POV. I suspect she will not change them, unless she wants to backdoor Brett…

They want to vote out JC.

(Tyler and Angela)

she just said Sam though…maybe I misheard? Or they’re confusing people, I am not sure.

She uses it on JC she says she calls it being one step ahead.

Tyler calls it being two steps ahead and puts up Brett.

Brett sighs.

I called it. I called the backdoor. Damn.

Brett is pissedddd.

Sam says she’s sorry that she ever doubted angela.

Brett says he played a loyal game but they clearly made their choices and need to make a game move.

JC is sad to evict Brett.

Kaycee says she must evict Brett. She seems upset.

Angela smiles while voting out Brett.

He is upset to hear the 3 – 0.

Sam says they’ll pack his thing with respect and care.

Tyler says he’s the best player in here.

He kicks the door open to the stage with Julie.

He says come on Hype it up! to the crowd.


Julie “You got played, son.”

She asks why he didn’t out Level 6. He says “I don’t have a good answer to that”

He says keeping his mouth shut he thought would help him but it didn’t.

Julie says you broke rank and went to Tyler about the two girls though. Why?

Brett says I can’t beat Kaycee and Angela.

She calls him out on his loyalty, he goes “yeah but they don’t know that”

He feels most betrayed by Tyler because of the final 2.

Brett said he predicted the outcome with it.

He respects the gameplay and is upset but respects it.

He said we’ll see about emotionally voting in Jury or not.

85 days.

Next Wednesday another person is leaving.

She called Brett “Brent” as she closed the show out. Lol.

They wonder how they’ll pack up Brett’s stuff.

Big Brother 20 Episode Recap September 12th 2018

Tyler asks Sam if she’s okay, she says “I think so. I’m not walking around here like I’m safe. The way I behave is to keep my sanity. I clean, I have my routine…”

Tyler notices she’s already starting to freak out.

Haleigh says she needs some febreze, and Sam says “we have a hundred million cans…”

Haleigh hopes Sam loses her cool.

Brett asks JC if he likes his hair slicked back better or not

JC says whatever

Brett says oh come on, JC says youa lways look great babe.

They say they know Sam’s going to work herself up into a fit.

They are worried who goes up if Haleigh takes herself down with veto.

JC says it’s for sure one of us. It won’t be Angela or Tyler.


Kaycee tells Tyler she’ll put up JC if someone comes down.


Angela’s parents wish her well and tell her she’s doing well and that they miss her.

82 days

She says it means everything they’re there with her.

Brett’s family says they can smell him from there. They love and miss him.

He calls his sister a lil shit.

Sam’s mom dad and brother say they are proud of her.

She said it was a great comfort.

Tyler’s mom and step dad say they are super proud of him.

He says he misses his dad in heaven and hearing his mom say that means alot. He says he gets all his strength from his dad.

Kaycee’s dad and brothers say they’re getting peanut allergies from her. They mock their mom and say how much they all miss her.

She says “I’m never gonna hear the end of peanut”

JC’s friend says they miss him so much, and he’s a winner in their eyes. bring home the check so they can go shopping.

JC says he feels weird being the only one not close with his family. He says even a gay girl here still has her family. He says it sucks knowing whatever you do is never ever going to be enough. For some people it just never matters. I know how you feel buddy..

Haleigh’s parents and kitty say they miss her and they are proud.

She says she misses and loves them and she’s so grateful. She was getting burnt out but now it feels like a new day.


JC and Brett lay out in the sun eating grapes.


Brett calls JC a bitch for waking him up.

JC points out Brett’s patchy beard.

Brett says he can’t be the only annoying pervert in the house.

Tyler says JC is pissing him off trying to target Kaycee and Angela.


Kaycee has HOH and now VETO. Three times in a row she’s had Veto.

Kaycee says they’re too far in the game to not be sure of every single move going on in the house. Tyler tells her about JC wanting her and Angela out.

Kaycee doesn’t use the power of veto.

“DUH” she says.

Sam says she’s chosen not to verbally rip them a new asshole.

Tyler says he’s planning for the future, time to go to war.

Tune in tomorrow. Double Eviction!!


Big Brother 20 Episode Recap September 9th 2018

Haleigh knows she’s going on the block again.

Sam feels bad for herself because she’s alone.

Kaycee and Angela talk about Haleigh and then Sam out.

Kaycee said Sam goes up as pawn, Haleigh backdoor target.

Kaycee’s brother wrote her. “Something’s in my eye!” she fibs about her crying.

Her little brother asked her to be his best “thingamajig whatever” as he marries his girlfriend. Everyone’s emotional. (Including me)

Tyler asks Angelina fave food “Sushi”

“Least fave?”

“PB & J, I hate how it smells.”

She has an acute sense of smell and it bothers her (I have this also)

Angela says Tyler never smells bad.

Brett goes and tells Sam if she goes up as pawn to calm down. He wants to build up her confidence so if she wins HOH next week, she doesn’t put him up maybe.

She said “So I’m going up. They always say pawn isn’t the main target”

“Brett doesn’t want me to freak out. Me? Freak out? Never…” she tells DR.

She goes to talk to Kaycee.

Kaycee says Sam has paranoia so she needs to make her feel safe.

She tells Sam she has a target, and she has to go.

“Is it Haleigh?” Sam asks.

“Everyone knows Sam…so let’s cross our fingers and hope…” Kaycee comments in DR.


Haleigh comes up to talk to Kaycee.

She keeps repeating “I have you I have you”

Kaycee says If you had me you wouldn’t have put me on the block twice.

Shut. Up.

Kaycee says “Yes..I do have you, as number one target this week” to DR.


Nicole from BB18 shows up for the luxury comp.

They all see her from HOH cam.

Victor shows up on the screen.

“You always fill in my blank. Even though I didn’t win the money, I walked out with the biggest prize in the world, and that was you. Our story started in the Big Brother house, but i know my future is going to be with you.”

He walks out in a suit with cut hair. He starts to tear up and gets on a knee and proposes. All the houseguests watch.

Another guest…

cliffhanger for commercial. God damnit.


Derrick, Paul, Brittany, Josh, and Danielle showed up too.

Now the house guests come down to join.

Sam says she’s a hopeless romantic and lives for things like that.

Tyler says having a house full of legends motivates him even more.

Brett wants to know if he looks like a jackass or awesome like he thinks he does.

Angela thinks Derrick smells good.

There’s no real luxury comp, this was for the proposal party.


JC is doing hoop jumps.

“You get around…haha…get it?!” Brett says. (He’s just like my boyfriend, looks mannerisms and all -_- lol )


Angela talks about not having a childhood and having to be perfect. I feel her pain. She talks about only associating with that identity and not knowing how to be anyone else. ( also know this feeling… damn.

Tyler says he’s so lucky to have met an amazing person like her.

Haleigh knocks on HOH door while Kaycee’s rocking out on her headphones.

Kaycee says she hasn’t really talked much and doesn’t have much to say.

Haleigh starts to cry again and Kaycee hugs her and tells her to stop.

Haleigh says she enjoys and cares about Kaycee, and that she’s tired of being on the block and it sucks.

Here she goes with the “you have me” again… ughhh..shuttup.

Kaycee says “on personal level i love her but gameplay i dont know her. big picture is im going for veto, then im going for her. its  strictly game.”

Haleigh and Sam are nominated. Sam frowns.

Haleigh smiles and nods knowing already it would happen.

Sam says she will tear every door off this bitch in this motherfucker and lose my mind and I swear on everything that’s holy they will regret it if I’m looking like a dumbass and this isn’t real (Damn girl sound like me right now! LOL)


Thanks for tuning in.

Big Brother 20 Episode Recap September 6th 2018

Tyler is playing Haleigh and Scottie.

JC asks Tyler about him and Angela.

He says 100% she ran from that bed to that couch.

Tyler calls him paranoid.

Tyler tells JC that it’s not a good idea AT ALL to put up Kaycee or Angela and he needs to stop.

Angela and Tyler are talking in bed about JC and Brett and Haleigh.

(They are very smart)

Tyler says can’t be taking shots at JC though, that’s not good for me either.

Tyler is going to have his plans backfire on him.

He cries about how he can’t keep her safe because he came for the money.

Derrick! I was just talking about him the other day. How he won Jury because no one knew he was so undercover.

Brett talks to Scottie to figure out Jury thoughts.

Scottie tells Brett how Rockstar hated her goodbye message from Angela.

Bayleigh also super pissed at Angela.

And Fessy.

Brett and JC talk about how it’s obvious Angela doesn’t think or care that people know her and Tyler are being sneaky together.

They say how she has 2 people in her pocket, and need to backdoor Angela.

Brett wants to feed JC’s paranoia so he doesn’t have to get blood on his hand.

Derrick says you can’t determine the winner yet. Jury Management is one of the most important things he says. He said if he was Tyler he’d bring Angela to Final 2.

Scottie just said something very inappropriate apparently cause it got blocked out and all guests are shocked.


Everyone votes out Scottie.

Scottie goes out again.

He thinks they don’t keep him because he’s unpredictable.

He said he tried so hard to be tame but it got him nowhere.

He says they’re not good at lying.

He says he prefers Haleigh over Tyler, but he probably would’ve went with Tyler to final 2 because of the numbers.

Kaycee got HOH. 🙂

Big Brother 20 Episode Recap September 5th 2018

After Nom Ceremony:

Tyler said he rather see Haleigh go, but they both need to stay calm so they don’t come after him.

Haleigh says she’s been adapting every day to survive.

Scottie says he fucks up because he fucks up. Haleigh says the same about herself. They speculate Sam going next.

Tyler tells Haleigh Scottie went up cause everyone’s uncomfortable with him there.

JC thinks he’s manipulating Tyler. He tells Tyler he’s acting weird. Tyler says “I’m on a power trip.”

Tyler knows he has to watch JC.

Sam is excited to straighten Tyler’s hair.



“I look like Joe Dirt and Kid Rock had a baby Oh my God!”

he’s so red hahaha

JC says “Fabio? No. He’s a completely old independent woman.”


Angela and Tyler are cuddling in bed.

JC and Brett cockblock.

Angela and Tyler make a game.

Everytime someone knocks on the door to try to catch them they get some points, and when they say it to each one individually, more.

Brett keeps making the comments.

They just laugh about it.

Tyler kisses Angela in bed.


Kaycee gets picked, Scottie gets House Guest choice, picks Steve, lol, jk, Sammie

He says He knows she despises Haleigh so it’ll save him.

JC also gets picked.


Angela says Sam’s emotions are annoying.

Everyone calls her annoying, I’m just like her..whatever. Psh.

Brett questions if Sam’s okay.

They want her gone because her vibe is a downer.

Kaycee offers to share bed with Haleigh.

Haleigh says she likes Fessy but she’s going to sever it game wise and do what she needs to.

Kaycee says she didn’t agree with Fessy’s actions/words. They talk about being closer.

Kaycee says she likes Haleigh and she wants to build some stuff with her incase she wins HOH.

Kaycee gets Veto.

Kaycee sees Haleigh crying and cuddles her.

Haleigh tells Kaycee that Scottie said she was the pawn.

Kaycee says trust me you’re okay.

Kaycee does not use Veto.

Plan is to send Scottie, but Tyler wants Haleigh to go.