Big Brother 20 Live Episode Recap August 23, 2018

Lovin’ Chenbot’s high collar button up tank. Stylin’.

It’s day 65



after POV

Fessy tells Haleigh how Scottie called her “Kaitlyn 2.0” and wants her to be put up as replacement nom.

She cries and says “I’ve defended him and he does this to me”

Angela tells Kaycee that Sam should get put up.

Haleigh cries and Kaycee, Angela, and Tyler hug and console her.

Haleigh thinks she’s the only one who has Scottie’s back.

Kaycee says she feels bad for her but it’s making it a cake walk for level 6

Haleigh wakes up Scottie and wants to see what he says.

Scottie says “You need to dissaociate from me”

he says “you’re going to hate me, I threw you under the bus”

He tells her how he called her “Kaitlyn 2.0”

he says he feels awful, it was stupid, she was the only person who had his back, and now his stomach is in knots.

Scottie is crying with Haleigh.

She says how she’s not meant for the game.

“If you put her on the block I’m gonna be pissed. I don’t want that.”

Scottie says.

Fessy says “You going against her is literally the stupidest thing”

Scottie mentions how he had feelings for Haleigh.

Fessy says just cause she’s close to the both of us doesn’t mean she’s playing us.

Fessy says he wants Sam to go but he doesn’t know if the two of them can get on the same page.

Veto Meeting:

Scottie says he’s not wasting his time asking about the POV. He says “we’ll never beat out Sammie in jury vote. she put your 2 best friends up. made it so you had to choose 1”

Brett decided to use the POV on himself.

Fessy replaces Brett with Kaycee.

Kaycee is confident that she’s not going home.

Kaycee and Fessy talk about Scottie probably going home and she feels fine.

Brett, Angela, and Tyler talk about how the votes should be unanimous to get Scottie out.

Brett starts a fire with bacon and brown sugar.

Sam extinguishes it.

Brett says, “Sammie saved our lives”

Tyler goes to talk to Fessy with Angela and Haleigh about working with him in the future.

Fessy says “You 2 are really strong competitors”

Angela thinks floaters are bullshit.

Everyone has 2 man deal with everyone

Tyler’s final 4 would be him Kaycee, JC, and Angela.

Final 2, Kaycee.

Tyler says he’s making people feel confident with him so they take him.

He says he’s going to let them take shots, and hope no one catches on.

Scottie apologizes for his immaturity.

Angela votes out Scottie

JC votes out Scottie

Tyler votes out Scottie

Haleigh votes out Scottie

Sam votes out Scottie

Brett votes out Scottie

Everyone voted Scottie out.

Scottie gives everyone big hugs.

He runs out and shakes Julie’s hand.

He whispered to Sam “not bye, TTFN”

He said he was trying to double cross Sam.

He says he likes Haleigh but tries to ignore it.

Poor Scottie.

HOH won’t be known yet.