Big Brother 20 August 22, 2018 Episode Recap

Zingbot is here

“Miss me losers? This way you mindless humans”

“Speak for yourself, I was a robot. That must be my boyfriend” says Sam.


Angela gets compared to a heartless emotionless souless robot.

Haleigh gets asked about a crush on Brett, but it’s actually about Scottie.

Kaycee gets called boring for always saying “lets go!”

Brett always seems so fresh and clean which makes sense because he’s a giant douche LOL

Something extra greasy, burnt to a crisp, with a side of zits, sounds like some tyler!

Haleigh you were so good at reading hamlet but the real tragedy is your HOH reign

Scottie sabotages the floor so people don’t look for his folder.

Brett falls on it.

Brett puts mattresses on his pillows.

Tyler says Sam is going to kill everyone because of the mess.

They show Sam asking about the mess.

Jc says go inside I don’t want you to have a heart attack. (sounds like me)

Fessy finds Haleigh’s folder.


Tyler notices the effort in the have not room and he’s investigating.

Scottie checks for his folder, and he findsa nother one.

Haleigh found Scottie’s.

Brett won POV hiding his.

He calls himself a cockroach. (Deja vu?)

Sam loses her shit. (Just like I would)

“These are a bunch of ungrateful little bitches”

Sam says she wants to convince Fessy to put Haleigh up and says “this is fun, I like playing now”

Kind of fucked up considering Haleigh tried to help her clean.

Sam confronts Fessy about putting up Haleigh. Saying that she’s using him as a tool.

He says “wow that’s a curveball Sam”

Fessy mouths “what the fuck” to the camera and tells DR “Zingbot wasn’t kidding when he called Sam crazy”

Scottie says “I know who you can get out where no one is upset with you”

Fessy says “I already know who it is I think”

Scottie says put Haleigh up because she’s Kaitlyn 2.0

Fessy says “That’s what I figured”

Fessy knows about the shadiness. He says he has a lot of thinking to do.

Ohhh shitttt