Big Brother 20 Episode Recap August 19th 2018

JC tried to warn Fessy ahead of time that they didn’t have the votes to keep Rockstar.

Fessy gets HOH

before eviction JC tells Tyler that Scottie will be the 1 vote for Kaycee to go.

Brett and JC are going to try to convince Fessy and Haleigh that Brett kept to keep Rockstar.

Scottie voted Kaycee out – reminder

Kaycee said she will say “I thought Scottie kept me?” when JC informs them stick tot eh story that Brett kept Rockstar.

JC said he’s going to mention to Fessy also that Scottie likes Haleigh to make him angry.

Fessy confronts the whole room about the vote, Scottie raises his hand.

Fesssy says are you sure?

Brett says “it was me.”

Scottie smirks.

He calls out Kaycee being a bullshit actor too.

Scottie says “I’m not coming at you”

Scottie tells Haleigh he loves her in front of Fessy which doesn’t help the case after him.

Scottie goes to talk to Fessy since it doesn’t make sense.

Haleigh is irritated that Fessy isn’t listening.

Fessy nominated

Brett and Scottie.

the reason he put them both up because 1 of them is lying.