Second Week October 2018 Tarotscope

Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. You have a full natal chart, and energies can be switched. Apply it how it fits for you. This is a general, not personal reading. 



It’s apparent you know the negative things and people that you need to let go of so you can focus on your money and healing. No more new beginnings till you’re feeling ready. Do you feel lighter after letting it go? You’re being guarded towards the person who called you out. Don’t try to apologize, they will not believe you. They think you’re a liar and they feel better off without you. You cut yourself off and feeling victimized now when they just don’t want to put up with your shit. You feel stuck and like you’ve had a shitty time because of your own actions. It is your responsibility to get yourself the help you need. It’s not working, never has, and isn’t fair to those who care about you, isn’t fair to yourself, and can’t keep going on like this. You think you’re fine and not the problem. Go ahead and wait for them to make a move, you won’t get far. They feel unburdened now by letting you go. Buh-bye. To get rid of the anxiety you feel now is take control of what you actually can and work more on yourself and your own finances. Get help with your illness and/or addictions. It’s the only way to get what you want.




They’re happy with you but they have disorders/ailments that require you to be extra careful with them and you need to stay away from toxic and secretive situations. Stop always trying to pick fights with the people you say you care about. They will walk away if you can’t show some commitment. You are caring about theme even though they might’ve hurt you making you feel like they weren’t trying as much as they could’ve to help a situation. If you make threats be prepared for them to call your bluff. They can be on their own. Someone did or said something fucked up and the other is willing to give it another chance but if time goes too long without the offender extending the olive branch then they’ll start to walk away. If the offender wants the other person confident and happy like they claim then they need to act like they mean it because the other person feels mind fucked. If they’re what you want, why are you waiting? Tomorrow isn’t promised. You will be surprised what’s on the other side of your fear if you speak up about your thoughts and emotions.



You don’t feel confident because you’re arrogantly being paranoid of everything and that’s because the role of being the over dramatic one to get noticed is slowly becoming no longer useful. That personality was learned and needed for the trauma you were in at the time but it’s served it’s purpose and time to retire it. It’s time to celebrate life now. You’ve been holding onto your pennies and people think you are holding back but you know the truth of it is you’ve been focusing more on the relationship than anything else and it was needed to go through all the internal work to get rid of some of the crippling anxiety you were experiencing. Now that you’ve shed that layer you can start brand new. Success starts with acknowledging the ways you’ve already won. Someone wants to believe it but just can’t right now. They’re struggling to stay balanced. Step 1: Don’t do things you know will fuck with your emotions. Step 2: Don’t do things you know will upset your Home. It won’t stay hidden, it won’t work out, they don’t deserve it. If you want it anyways that’s sad news for you because by giving into temptations you are missing the blessing in front of you. Stop being arrogant. Stop feeling so guarded with your feelings. Stop doing things that don’t make you feel good.



You’re done feeling sad and stuck because of the people who didn’t want happiness with you before. You’ve decided the truth is you’re awesome and it’s time to enjoy life already. Anxiety will end when you stop making efforts and offers to what ins’t making you feel the best you. You let them know that you just don’t see anything good coming of it. They were too arrogant and the drama they caused is unneeded in your life. You struggle to walk away from things you know are bad for you because of the investments you’ve already put into it but if they can’t treat you correctly you’re halting movement forward. Things won’t continue until you feel stable, victorious, and you see they make the room for you to fit on front display in their life. Money and material possessions mean nothing to you if you’re not also being offered emotion behind it. Codependency and addictions are preventing you from moving forward so offer time and effort to other things that make you feel good and happy. Trying to control other people so you can be happy has never worked. Take a chance on yourself and do what’s fair for you, or stay emotional and stuck. Someone is fighting the truth about the spiritual lesson and blessing within this union. They were being closed off but quickly going to come in with an offer of commitment. They’re happy and know that it’s just fear telling them you wonder about being with others. If you’re settling or not getting what you want have the strength to stand up for yourself and say “I’m amazing and I can do this with or without you, the unstable unhappy home scene is over and done.” We’re coming out of that. Pull back and see how they react to you doing that. That’ll tell you what they’re really all about. Even if you have “nothing left” it’s not worth it to stay where you don’t feel genuinely cared about.