Full Moon Tarotscope All Elements September 26, 2018

Take what resonates for you. 





You won’t feel confident within yourself till you can master your emotions and anger. You think committing isn’t worth the investment and that you’re going to be alot happier moving from this relationship to being independent. Just because it “didn’t work out” is no reason to do something stupid. Especially when this is what you actually wanted. You know it’s better judgement to not offer anything anymore and just walk away. Take what you have and go after what you’ve always wanted. That will stop your troubles. You really care about the new instead of the old burdens. You’re blocking them out. God saw what you wanted and saw you thought you didn’t have the power yourself to end it and move away on your own. You know you felt stuck in an unfair relationship, and now it’s over. You want to go where the wind blows, not to feel stuck. Go be happy and get control of yourself again.




You’re not so anxious when you’re living in your truth about how you wanted more of something. Doing things out of spite gets you nowhere. You like feeling like you can control others and their feelings but you need to be better than that and move away from it. Care what others will think and say and you will suffer. Walk away to find your happiness elsewhere and get the success. You saw a commitment to something wasn’t good for you and put you at a disadvantage. You need to offer it to just yourself. You create your own reality. Make sure the things you do that you think make you confident aren’t just in fact giving you a false sense of security and authority. Be strong for yourself, go within, and take care of you, not the the ones who make you feel replaceable.




They’re trying their hardest to believe you won’t leave them. Being greedy and then going to other options will get you bad karma. You’ve worked too hard to let some dumb shit get you down. You’re not letting assholes do nothing but offer negativity, if that’s what they do, they have to go. You’re not happy on your own or without this person in particular. So make sure not to do things to take what’s good for you for granted. Don’t do anything dumb like deal with toxic people and their toxic shit. You may be feeling left out by someone but they’re trying to work on their skills and improve stability within their emotions like you asked them to do. They don’t want to go and they want a happy home with you. Sometimes they are afraid to be broke and feel stuck. They’ve lost their freedom before and don’t want to go through that again. You’re deciding to only offer or accept offers that benefit you. Quickly become happy by not being guarded and offering your feelings to the one you know is always there for you.




You have the strength to not put yourself in situations where you’ll be lied to or hurt and controlled so easily again. All the times you felt stuck due to someone else’s insecurities are over. Slowly you’ll come out of that negative outlook and with it will come an increase in money because you’ll be doing things of your passion with passion. Even if you don’t feel that confident yet you’ll feel happier from walking away from the things that drain you. Some people think you might be happier on your own. In the past you may have thought you were more confident but that was only because you didn’t have so much to lose. Helping others in times of pain and confusion will help you in return. You’ll be happier when you can get away from those who love to fight. Just because they’re feeling bad about them self and having other options doesn’t mean you need to feel fucked up about it. You’re strong enough to be above the arguing and pettiness. You’re over the fake relationships that make you feel like an option or not good enough and go for ones where you feel the loyalty and the peace of not dealing with cruel individuals anymore.