Big Brother 20 August 29 2018 Episode Recap

Haleigh picks Sam, she looks super ecstatic…not.

She says now she wants to win to secure her own security.

Fess mentions that JC is the next target if he goes.

veto score

jc 2

haleigh 13

sam 2

angela 16

faysal 32

kaycee 33

oh shitttt kaycee by 1

fessy so madddd

Brett hears Haleigh cry after Fessy is mad because she’s hanging out with Level 6.

Brett consoles her on the hammock.

He is going to cozy up to her and pull her into his corner he says.

He asks if they are in a showmance, she says no.

Haleigh says she’s going to do what it takes to stay there, she’s came this far.

Veto Meeting

Kaycee doesn’t use the veto. She says personally she loves them game wise it makes sense to leave it the same.

Kaycee says it was tough…psyche! easiest decision! Long time coming my ass…

Fessy says he realizes now its almost up. He hopes 1 good thing out of it was Haleigh, hopefully.

Haleigh says one of us is staying, I’m looking out for me. I feel like everyone I’m around gets evicted.

Tyler feels powerless now that he has no app.

Brett jumps around.

Tune in tomorrow. Jury member is battling to come back…